Excelsior Hull Tweak

This is a minor modification to Excelsior Class by Zube which adds a special type of armoured hull plating

Mod Background: I rea...

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File Description

This is a minor modification to Excelsior Class by Zube which adds a special type of armoured hull plating

Mod Background: I read some of the Excelsior study but there were none says that it hull been polarize,but I found one site that says it been polarize.So I investigate futher on Undiscovered Country and Flashback.

1.Undiscovered country

The Enterprise took quite a beating when the klingon torpedoes pass through their shields but when the Excelsior was hit,there wasn't a spot on it hull


Early 23rd century to the early 24th,while warping,the ships shields should be down until the late 24th century.But in Flashback,the USS Excelsior was hit punch with 2 or more torpedoes on it primary hull but there wasn't a damage spot but it was protected by a hull plating of somekind.

The hullplating works like Ablative armor but the photon absorb is only 25%-30% while phaser or pulse absorb 45%-53% which is weaker than it.

Its actually a really good concept which does have its origin in canondom however there is no graphical enhancement to the hull of the ship only the ship specs. This is a good mod to have if you are one of those many many Excelsior nuts who are out there.

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X:/.../Star Trek Legacy/odf/ships/HERE!!

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