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Here we have another download from longisland26. This time we've been given the Explorer class - primary mission being deep space exploratio...


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Here we have another download from longisland26. This time we've been given the Explorer class - primary mission being deep space exploration. The vessel is from the 25th centaury (ooo shiny and new!) and it certainly looks and feels like it. We've ditched the standard frontal photon torpedoes in favour of the powerful, quantum variety although we do still have the ability to launch photons from aft. The phaser array system is a little bizarre, at one point I was firing my phasers from my impulse engines, but never mind! The vessel features a 'compact' design with crewmembers averaging in about 1 meter in height! :P It has to be said though, this slim design does add an air of individuality and distinction, no more chunky Galaxy class cruisers! It takes a mighty foe to bring this vessel's shields down and I do encourage that you use only 1 of these vessels at a time for a challenge...any more and it'd just be far too easy!

This is a fine addition to longisland26's repertoire and I encourage you to download now!


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Download 'explorerclassver2.0.zip' (2.83MB)

***********Explorer Class ver 2.0***********

Originally released in the Ultimate Universe Mod, the Explorer Class is a early 25th Century
Deep Space Explorer..Conceived in the aftermath of the Dominion War The Explorer was designed not only to
explore strange new worlds but was also given the ability to defended itself and the Federation if the
need arises..

I know this ship seems over powered but it was meant to be that way...so please I don't want any e-mails
about changing the stats....if it is you desire to change the stats you may do so on your own but please 
do not redistribute with out my permission

To install: 
Open C:\Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Star Trek Legacy

Cut and paste all folders into folder.

That's it. you will be able to select the ship in skirmish mode 
as a Federation Ship in TNG era.


4 forward Quantum torpedo launcher and 4 rear photon launchers.

Usual Phasers Placements


TEXTURES AND MODEL BY Coolguyli27 (A.K.A longisland26)

special thanks to Moonraker for his exporter and Chris Jones and the Ultimate Universe Mod
for Supporting my work..

This file contains an original model and textures. please ask for 
permission before redistribution.

Have fun and enjoy
Coolguyli27 (e-mail Coolguyli25 AT aol DOT com)

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