Federation Bird Of Prey Retexture



This is a new retexture of one of TJ's old texture mods - The Federation Bird of Prey. The changes made to the ships textures is at the front end of the ship's wing - tips have been changed from the basic light blue to a light orange color.

Starship Background:

  • A month after Archer and his task force stopped a Romulan invasion into Starfleet territory, the same invasion fleet that carried the biogenic agent, of the many Romulan vessels that were caught in the EMP field and not destroyed the Federation completely retrofitted 20 Birds of Prey. Over the months and years leading into the first Earth-Romulan War these vessels served as escort fighters for the aging underpowered NX class. As the war ended, out of the 20 that were in service, 7 survived. Before they could be officially decommissioned by Starfleet, in 2215 a task force consisting of ten ships were sent to investigate a strange energy source deep in the heart of Klingon space. What they discovered was the renegade Vulcan T'Uerell being escorted by 2 unknown cubed vessels, as well an unknown weapons platform. T'Uerell, being the one that fired the first shot, the task force was only able to destroy one of the cubed vessels, but couldn't take the overwhelming combining strength of the cubed vessel and T'Uerell's modified starship, the Selaya. All remaining Bird's Of Prey's were destroyed. The only documented evidence was brought back by the USS Yorktown of their engagment of unknown cubed vessels.

Not a bad update to the "Batwing" ;)




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