Federation Challenger Class



This is another great ship from Major A Payne. Here we have the Federation Challenger Class from the ENT era of Star Trek. It looks great and is a nice addition to Legacy.

Please read the Readme thoroughly for installation instructions and more information about the ship. Have fun. :)

- Gav



Ship Class:		Challenger Type
Available Era:		Enterprise
Ship Designation:	Light Destroyer
Poly Count:		1704
Texture Count:		3 512*512 Pixel sized TGA/1 128*128 pixel TGA

After extracting using Winzip copy/transfer the files to the following location:

- TGA based texture files:	TEXTURES/RGB sub directory
- M3D model file:		M3D sub directory
- Basic ODF file:		ODF/SHIP sub directory

Locate the necessary files from the above directories and remove them (strictly speaking only the M3D be removed as the game uses this to indicate the units presence in the game).

Known Issues
Please refrain from contacting me concerning the following aspects as they are already known:

- No lightmaps are available.
- No specular or bump maps are available.
- No running lights are available.
- This unit is NOT BALANCED to the original stock game and may or may not seem overbalanced compared to the other units in game.

Original model created by:		Scott P Keene ([email protected])
Original texture/textures created by:	Scott P Keene ([email protected])
Legacy port/conversion by:		Major A Payne (poly reduced model rebuild)

Whilst every effort has been made to ensure this unit is fully working in the game there may be problems. If this occurs then please use the following methods to contact me directly:

- EMAIL: [email protected]/[email protected]/[email protected]/[email protected]
- ICQ: UIN60849083
- MSN: above hotmail email addresses are also my MSN contact.

Thankyou for downloading and trying this unit.

Major A Payne

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