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This mod is an update on the impressive Federation Class Dreadnought which appeared here on the site last week. This version includes an int...


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This mod is an update on the impressive Federation Class Dreadnought which appeared here on the site last week. This version includes an internal damage model, multiphaser fire (for simultaneous phaser fire), a remodded primary hull (looks more canon), and the running/navigation lights are corrected. Still looks sweet! :rock:

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Download 'tos_federation21.0.zip' (1.72MB)

Federation Class Starship mod V2.0 For ST:Legacy		Created by: Darkblade (aka shadow51689) 3/18/07

********  -Introduction- **********
This mod installs the updated Federation (aka Dreadnought) Class TOS era ship to Star Trek Legacy.

Version 2.0 (this version) fixes the ship's spectral maps, and has a redesigned front engineering hull, to more closely resemble specs. 
Also, this version includes an internal damage mesh (no more see through holes in the ship after a torpedo hit), as well as fixes the running lights, and the phasers so they can fire simultaneously. Finally, this version comes complete with a auto-installer.

This would be my first Legacy mod, and only the second Star Trek ship I've ever modeled. With the release of Moonraker's awesome .m3d exporter, I decided I'd try to model some Trek ships for Legacy...
I decided to start with a relatively simple (or so it seemed) ship, one based off of the beloved Constitution in design. I figured I'd 'learn the ropes' so to speak, first with this ship. Plus I never really cared much for the Legacy Proxima (though it does kick butt in battle!)
The ship uses Legacy's stock Constitution textures, so any changes (such as high res packs) made to it, will also be made to the Federation. As a result, the ship is complete with glows and bumpmaps.
The Federation class is a semi-canon ship first conceived long ago in the TOS Technical Manual. It's considered semi-canon as it's never seen or mentioned on screen.
Basically the ship is a more militaristic TOS era starship, based off the Constitution. It's tri-nacelled design is unique, and it boasts improved offense and defensive capabilities.

******** -Installation- **********
Run the .exe, and extract to your Legacy folder.

-OR- the manual way.

-Extract all files.
-Copy F_Federation.odf into your Legacy\odf\Ships directory
-Copy F_Federation.m3d into your Legacy\m3d directory
-Copy all other .dds files into your Legacy\Textures\DDS directory

It's as simple as that.

You should be able to install over the old version just fine.

******** -Known Issues- **********

The ship doesn't lose warp nacelles when engines are destroyed.
There aren't any unique voices identifying the ships. The next version will include simple custom voices for each ship name.

******** -Other Info- *********
If the chunking system is ever solved, I may attempt it for a future version of this ship.

You can expect to see more from me... I already have 2 other starship designs in the works, including an Enterprise-era Intrepid, and a to-be-named Battleship, as well as a TNG era cruiser (Yes, with my own textures this time LOL). Stay tuned!

You may use this ship in a mod, so long as you provide credit to the original author (me). You may not distribute this mod for commercial purposes.
I can be reached via email at shadow51689(at)comcast(dot)net, or alternatively at shadow(at)centralpets(dot)com.

******** -Special Thanks- *********
Moonraker for his awesome work with the .m3d exporter, and help on the forums.
gdata, for his suggestion on how to fix the phasers.
Osenefous, beta tester.
Thanks also to the awesome people on the Bethsoft Modding forums for support.

******** -Legal- *********
The files contained in this modification for Star Trek Legacy are in no way made, supported, or distributed by Bethesda Softworks or Mad Doc Software or their affiliates.
By installing these files, you accept the risks of modifying your game, and I will take no responsibility for any damage done to your game or system.

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