Federation F-18 Rextexture



Here we've got a retexture for tj_hawk's Federation F-18 (which is again a retexture of the stock Klingon ship):

This is just a little retexture I had sitting in my files since late December. This version shows the Federation markings on the wings of the ship, as well Alpha Channels have been included.

There is not much to say, except you might want to download this if you already have tj_hawk's old F-18. If you don't have it, yet you can download it here.




F-18 Class Retexture
Heavy Escort Fighter





1. Place M3D files in the folder M3D

2. Place ODF files in the folder ODF

3. Place DDS files in the folder Textures/DDS/


1. Remove M3D files in the folder M3D

2. Remove ODF files in the folder ODF

3. Remove DDS flies in the folder Textures/DDS/

[Changes From v1.0]

Re-balanced stats
New Weapons
New Textures
Added Alpha Channels
New Physics


Even after years after the war with the Romulans, some officals at Starfleet Command
saw that the F-18 Class was overpowered with the new-gen weaponary it was given. So
as an effort, Starfleet Engineers tackled the problem by taking away the Quantum Phasers and the Quantum Pulse phasers and adding several upgraded quantum phasers as well some upgraded pulse phasers. After several trial runs, the weapons proved to be an success in both hologram and real-time situations. Thus the F-18 Mark II was born.

The one that were already in service we're promptly decommissioned and sent to the
Starfleet Decommission Depot located just barely on the Klingon-Federation border.
The Mark II's, like their last counterparts, are made for ship-to-ship support in
times of conflict and war. With the new weaponary that was added, one other thing
has changed. As recomended by Lt. Cmdr Nog and Captain Ezri Dax, the pulse phasers
are made so they can fire from mid-range for effectiveness.

By 2410, the F-18 Class MKII has been mass produced to 110 ships with only 6 ships
lost due to engagements against the Borg or Conflicts in the Gamma Quadrant. The
Klingon Empire gave high praise to the Federation after they saw these ships in
action after the USS Hastings and the USS Bradbury responded to a general distress
call after several Klingon cargo ships were attacked by the Orion syndncate in 2399.

[User comments]

Well its another re-release of one of my mods again lol. This time this mods has
better balanced stats and weapons so it won't be so overpowered. I've also re-did
the textures so they look more "federation" like not to mention i've included the
logos on the ship this time. and they're aren't any complicated install intructions.
enjoy!!!! Now if you'll excuse me....im gonna grab my evil monkey from family guy
and go to sleep.




This mod is playable for the following conversion mods:

Stock Version
Trek Battles 2
Aftermath 1.7
Aftermath 2.0
Legacy Generations
Keys OF Legacy

However, if you should find a problem with this mod during gameplay, we strongly
urge you to contact us right away so we can find a solution right away. 
But We are not responsible if you computer does the following:

-Crashes (and you get that access violation thingy)
-Operates slower than normal
-Personal settings reset
-Act of God (which i seriously doubt will happen lol)
-Damaging of Software or Hardware.
-Is destroyed by friends, family, or 4-legged animals

I am responsible however, if there is a minor problem with the mod that myself will
fix it at the first chanace I get.


Any questions or problems
email me at:

[email protected]
[email protected]


Textures - tj_hawk

ODF Editing - tj_hawk

Beta Testing - tj_hawk

YouTube Video - tj_hawk

Assistance / Feedback - acidfluxxbass


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(the user) agree to and assume all risks of said addon. As a result,
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