Federation Guardian Class

This is the Guardian Class, Oberth refit. Many of you should recognize this baby as it has popped up in a few news posts recently. Well its...

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File Description

This is the Guardian Class, Oberth refit. Many of you should recognize this baby as it has popped up in a few news posts recently. Well its been a good wait for this to be finally done and dusted and props to Phoenix for getting her finished! Phoenix has also uploaded this as an entry to the ever growing list of entrie to the Starship Contests.

Starship Background: After the events of Star Trek 3: The Search for Spock, the United Federation of Planet's decided that due to the ease of the destruction of the U.S.S. Grissom, a small group of Oberth's where refitted with weapons pod to serve as protectors to convoys and other Oberths. Named the Guardian Project, the U.S.S. Guardian was the first of her kind and a great success, she was still small and very agile but armed to the teeth capable of defending herself in the midst of battle. The U.S.S Pegasus during construction was attacked by four Romulan Battlebird's, the U.S.S. Guardian & U.S.S Arch Angel (the second ship of the line) where dispatched and completed their mission of destroying the Romulan intruders. The Guardian Project was the most successful small ship refit so far in federation history. The U.S.S Pegasus then became the test vehicle for the new engine refit among others that would be used on the forth coming Galaxy Class

Because this is a Starship Contest entry I won't be praising this vessel to the high nines even though I should because of its quality but Phoenix really has done a great job. The new Oberth variant looks way more sleeker and actually looks like a tough little ship. So get this ship in your game now and make sure to vote for it when the contest voting begins.


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Re-Upload Request Restoration

This is my First Compertition Piece.

Readme File:
Title : Federation Guardian Class Oberth REFIT
Date : 16th November 2008
Current Mod Team: Chris Jones Gaming

Quick Summery
Thanks for download this model. it is my favorit of my Oberth pack, and also the best i feel. so that is why i have entered it into the competition for starship this time around. she is armed to the teeth and very quick, but be carefull, just like her sister ship, she can't take to much of a beating. so please Download and enjoy

Once again, Thanks for downloading one of my ships
"Tim Bondi"

Textures : Phoenix (pod by Moonraker)
Mesh : Phoenix (pod by Moonraker)
HardPoints : Phoenix
Bump's & Specs : Phoenix
Secret Extra : Phoenix

None, this will work with stock legacy :D

Technical Details
Tested with Legacy stock
Ultimate Universe 1.0

Known Bugs
Had to make the Nacels none distrutable on this veriant due to the weapon pods

Install instructions

1 - Unzip this pack into a temp directory

2 – Copy the folders (M3D, odf, Textures) into your Legacy folder. Click yes, when prompted to overwrite the files.

Thanks, Aknowledgements and Other Credits
Firstly i would like to thank a few friends from the bridge commander comunity for all the help they've given me

Marky D - Man with out your modeling Help i'd never of gotten this far

Chief Brex - For all his lessions & help and Support re-learnging how to use 3d-studio max

Lint - For Spending Many hours with me going into detail about diffrent Methods of modeling

Blaxxor - for all his Photo Shop tip's to make my textures look just that much better

Last but not Least
Chris Jones of the CJG Network - Chris if it wasnt for you i dont know where i would be now, i most sertainly wouldnt have any of the skill or admiration i have now,

Thanks guys it means alot to me

Conditons of Use
Please do not Port, Edit or Re-distribute without Authors prior permission,
Copyright notices:
Star Trek, Legacy, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Voyager
are copyright Paramount Pictures, as are the characters, related images, and sound from the productions.

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