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This is the first entry into any of the maps or missions for the 2008 contests. This is skeeterUK's entry into the Specific Map Conte...


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This is the first entry into any of the maps or missions for the 2008 contests. This is skeeterUK's entry into the Specific Map Contest 1 (aka the Fluidic Space Map Contest). Even though this is a mission, it is allowed it in the map contest, because it contains the Fluidic Space environment.

Negating the fact that it is a mission and it has objectives (gotta get rid of some Borg from Fluidic Space) the whole effect of fluidic space is achieved quite well, with the background and lack of normal space objects.. Check it out and see for yourself. Make sure you follow the installation instructions and you'll get this cool map/mission ready ingame, it is advisable to use one of the TCs or the OEM mod to get this working ingame. :)


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Download 'fludic_space_skeeter.zip' (3.3MB)

To install this mission simple go to 

- campaign
-- Legacy

Find LegacyMissions.xml

Edit with notepad and place this line under Logical Conclusion

	<FluidicSpace file="fluidicspace.sol" date="2154" image="Fluidic" numShips=""/>

Save this file now.


Copy contents of campaign/Legacy and place them in 

- campaign
-- Legacy


Place the fluidicspace.sol file in



Place contents of missions folder in 


If you do not have missions folder then create a folder and put the files in there.


Place the contents of Textures/DDS into 

- Textures
-- DDS


Objectives = 

Open up the file Objectives_localized_Strings_EN.xml which is located in main legacy directory.

At the bottom, but above the last line, enter this.

	<Entry id="FLUIDICSPACE_TITLE">Fluidic Space</Entry>
	<Entry id="fluidicspace_OBJECTIVES_DESCRIPTIONS_DESCRIPTION0">Borg Invasion of Fluidic Space.</Entry>
	<Entry id="fluidicspace_OBJECTIVES_OBJECTIVES_PRIMARY_PRIMARY0">Destroy the borg as Species 8472 have no defence against the new borg nano torpedos.</Entry>
	<Entry id="FLUIDICSPACE_OBJECTIVES_HINTS_HINT0">Pick them off one by one if possible.</Entry>

And save.


Copy contents of objectives into

- Objectives


Open LableMap_EN.xml located in main legacy directory.

Go to the bottom of the film and put this above the last line.

<Entry id="mission_selectfluidicspace.sol">Fluidic Space </Entry>

Then save.

You should now be fully installed.

Dont forget the HDR mod i made as it brings this map alive.


Copywrite - Skeeter
Permission for distribution for legacyfiles and aftermath only.

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