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Well then, what do we have here? - a updated version of TB2 Galaxy class? The previous version was thought to be the best in the business, but this improves upon that original and since it is a separate download, I guess good attention to detail and work has been put into releasing this, either that or it was a pure fluke!

This Galaxy class is among the greats - using the SNS Galaxy class as its base, it just had to finish off well - just take a look at these screenshots for a preview, it's simply astounding! I'm a big Galaxy class fan and I know I shall be using TB2 a heck of a lot more just so that I can use this! The configuration of the vessel - hull rating, shields and weapons complement match the series' and so is a fine canon addition to your game.

Included are the following features/changes:

- Fixed Smoothing - Added Blinkers - Enhanced Textures

Enhanced textures indeed....complete your Star Trek canon collection by adding this to your game today, you will not be disappointed!




Galaxy class 2.0
Nickname: New Gen Mod Team, yopyop
Email: yopyopATnewgen.stlegacyfiles.com
Homepage: newgen.stlegacyfiles.com | newgenmodteam.com
Version: 2.0
Requirements: Trek Battles 2 (http://legacy.filefront.com/file/;85278)
Mod Category: Downloads>>Ships>>TNG era>>Federation


This is the second version of the Galaxy class with the following features/changes:

- fixed Smoothing
- added Blinkers
- enhanced Textures


Copy the content of the folder Star Trek Legacy in your Trek Battles 2 directory!


The Galaxy-class was a Starfleet vessel first introduced in the late 2350s. It was the largest and one of the most powerful Federation starship classes of its time, with many serving in the Dominion War.  --- Quoted from Memory Alpha


Please use our forum (http://newgen.stlegacyfiles.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=30) for support.


Model/Texture: SNS
Additional Textures: Glenn/CE
re-Hardpointing: yopyop
Smoothing: gdata
fixed smoothing: yopyop
orignal Port: gdata

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