Galaxy Class - EVO-Refit

Introducing another New Gen port, this LC's outstanding EVO-Refit of the Galaxy Class, an unofficial U.S.S. Titan. This is quite an old desi...


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Introducing another New Gen port, this LC's outstanding EVO-Refit of the Galaxy Class, an unofficial U.S.S. Titan. This is quite an old design dating back from 2005 but it still looks fresh and crisp even today, and Legacy's engine sure does do this fantastic design justice. Appearing as if it part of Starfleet's Anti-Borg Fleet initiative (that produced the defiant and ) this vessel certainly has a more military feel to it than its galaxy predecessor, though you can clearly see elements of the Intrepid Class as part of its core design. The model looks great especially in game, the only mute point I would have with the model itself is the shuttle bays located on the underside of the ship. They, in my opinion, take away from the appearance of the ship as they appear to be quite large and located a very ineffective part of the ship (shuttle bays would be better located aft to have all ancilliary traffic flying opposite the movement of the ship). Another thing which doesn't look quite right is the deflector dish which looks subpar compared to the rest of the model. However negating these two minor issues this model and ship are a welcome addition to Legacy.

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Galaxy class - EVO-Refit 1.0
Nickname: New Gen Mod Team, yopyop
Homepage: |
Version: 1.0
Requirements: Trek Battles 2 (;85278)
Mod Category: Downloads>>Ships>>TNG era>>Federation


This is the Galaxy class - EVO-Refit with the following features:

- fixed Smoothing
- fixed Mesh


Copy the content of the folder Star Trek Legacy in your Trek Battles 2 directory!


Time to give the Sovereign a run for its money. This EVO-Refit of the Galaxy is easily on par with the Sovereign.


Please use our forum ( for support.


Model/Texture: LC_Amaral
Additional Textures: yopyop
Hardpointing: yopyop
Smoothing: yopyop
Porting: yopyop

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As a result, we take no responsibility for any damages that may occur to your game, mod or hardware.

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