Galaxy Class X Refit



This is a Galaxy X kitbash done by Jeddyweddywoo, which uses the P81 Galaxy as base. Some of you might have seen this ship on the forums, but Yeddy was able to add specular- and normalmaps to the model (with some help from acidfluxxbass), which is a vast improvement compared to the earlier version of this ship. Unfortunately this ship does not have any engine glows that light up when you start the engines, but this is something that can be fixed easily, since no changes to the m3d are required. It uses the stock Galaxy odf and also costs the same amount of money, which is somehow unrealistic, since one could expect that the ships stats have been improved, which is not the fact. Furthermore this does not contain any individual logo files, but this can be addressed in a future version with maybe even improved stats and glows. Considering the fact that p81's model is already several years old, it still looks good in-game, mainly due to the fact that it has 512*512 textures which is the standard resolution for most of the stock models in Legacy.

:thumbsup: Yeddy, and maybe we'll see an updated version soon.




Thank you for downloading the Galaxy - X Refit. My First ship for Legacy! 

to install the ship, simply copy the folders into the Game directoty (Typically C:programfilesBethesda SoftworksStar Trek Legacy) 

You will get a prompt to over write existing files, click yes to all and don't fear nothing should be lost. 

The Galaxy X Was seen in All good things... The last episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation. it was seen blasting holes in a Neg'var, with its Phase Cannon, Sadly i couldnt get it working on this model, however look forward to the other features of this ship. 


Galaxy Class Model: P81
    --Galaxy X Fittings - Jeddy
Textures: p81
Bump: Acidfluxxbass
Spec: Acidfluxxbass
Hardpointing: Jeddy
Odf: Jeddy

If you would like to contact me in regards to this mod, I can be reached at [email protected]. 

I cannot be held responsible for any problems caused by this mod, It works fine for me!

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