Galaxy X Refit Class

Here is the updated version of the Galaxy X Refit as seen in "All good things..." the Star Trek: The Next Generation Finale. This update f...


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Here is the updated version of the Galaxy X Refit as seen in "All good things..." the Star Trek: The Next Generation Finale. This update fixes several bugs that were present in the previous version including the phase cannon special weapon. This ship is armed to the teeth and is actually capable of taking on a borg cube, although that isn't really surprising considering its main weapon is fairly powerful, although its not a one hit kill.

Please Note: As this is a port from Star Trek Armada 2 please refrain from spamming about this, and please take note of the readme :)

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           **Galaxy X Refit Class**  BY Cmdr. Lawrence

           For use with STARTREK: Legacy

************************ IMPORTANT! ***********************************************
Original GalaxyX Model is Credited to "9 of nine" and not this author's original work
This archive contains a re-textured GalaxyX originally released for and imported from 
Armada II. I've included updated odfs for the ship as well as an updated phase-cannon 
special weapon. The Phase-cannon fires automatically and isn't a one hit kill, but
is quite devastating. The GalaxyX is powerful enough to take on a borg cube all by
itself and is a joy to pilot. It is armed to the teeth and will make stellar debris
out of most enemies. I'm gonna have to beef up that scimitar I dled because it gets
smoked pretty easily. Klingons should warp away in fear if they were that smart. 
Romulans, will want to stay behind the neutral zone until that scimitar refit is
finished. OK enough of that... Just have fun.

**** Known issues********************************************************************
I wasn't able to fix the weapons to fire behind the ship, If someone tells me
how to view the hardpoint locations I might be able to fix it, but right now the ship
is open if approached from above and behind. I consider it balanced because if you
were to fight it you wouldn't want to be at the business end of the Phase-cannon
anyway. Hey everything super powerful needs a weakness right... err ok I want it
fixed too. I just don't feel like going trial and error with the hardpoints.

Obviously, due to it being an import from Armada II, the model has 
certain drawbacks and lacks some features. If someone fully updates the Sod to M3D 
format, I will be happy to finish retexturing it by adding glow, specular, and Bump 
textures.  It is obviously, a low poly model and a really good one at that. People
either need to get over this or not install it. You don't know what you're missing
As for the canon crap, I agree up to a point. BUT, SOME of you need to admit that you 
can't and never will be satisfied. Personally, I think you're whiners. Everyone else, 
I think you'll be happy with this until someone comes along and makes a better one. 

[Note: I have reworked the .odf files. I tried to make sure that they were error free and 
 they work great on my machine, but they may not be compatible if you have already modded 
 your installation Of Legacy. If for some reason they cause problems delete them, and 
 make your own.]

Installation: (This assumes you already know how to and have unlocked Legacy for modding)

Open the Zip Archive
extract the files as follows:

 F_GalaxyX.odf file into the ships directory [ ==> odf ==> ships ]

 fphascan.odf file into the special weapons directory [ ==> odf ==> special_weapons ]

 fphascano.odf file into the special weapons directory [ ==> odf ==> special_weapons ]

 XRefit.tga file into the RGB directory [ ==> textures ==> RGB ] file into the DDS directory [ ==> textures ==> DDS ]

 F_GalaxyX.m3d file into the m3d directory [ ==> M3D ]

After installation: you can find the GalaxyX in the Fleet Selection for TNG Era

Disclaimer: I take no credit for the these works as the concept, artwork, and models
are not my original works. I only take credit for updating them for StarTrek: Legacy.

License*** You agree to the following:
By using this mod you agree you will not hold the author responsible if you're too ignorant 
to use this mod and screw up your installation of Legacy. You agree also that if your 
computer coincidentally explodes or fizzles and/or otherwise stops working that it was not 
the fault of the author because that is just plain ridiculous. The author places no copyright 
upon these works, you are free to do with them as you choose. If you upload this file or 
share this file you agree to keep the archive intact and this readme.txt within the archive. 

1. Original GalaxyX Model is Credited to "9 of nine"
2. Original ODFs are Credited to "Rye402"
3. Gene Roddenbury for creating Star Trek in the first place.
4. Paramount
5. Myself for being a fan of all STARTREK including StarTrek: Enterprise.
	(screw everybody that didn't like it) 
6. Bethesda Softworks LLC and Mad Doc Software for atleast bringing us 
   another StarTrek Game
7. The StarTrek modding community and StarTrek fans around the world

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