Intrepid Class (Voyager)

Here we have a really awesome new Intrepid model from FahreS. The model's accuracy and the textures' detail is outstanding; the model has 20...


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Here we have a really awesome new Intrepid model from FahreS. The model's accuracy and the textures' detail is outstanding; the model has 20k+ polygons and the textures are high res. The ship has also the usual features like:

  • Rotated Hardpoints
  • Wireframe
  • Lightmaps
  • Glowmaps
  • Specmaps
  • Bumpmaps
  • Registries
  • Damage Mesh

The less seen features are chunks and position lights, but my favorite are the breaknodes most Legacy ports/models do not have. Great work here and definitely worth a download-recommendation!

[i]Note: This model is another high-quality model and it might cause lag on older systems. Thus a backup is recommended if you are not sure whether your computer will handle it![i]


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Download '' (7.16MB)

|| -   Intrepid Class (Voyager)   - ||

-Information about this MOD
-Installation instructions

You have NO permission to change the model or other content and/or to release them.
Ask me for authorisation: e-mail or ICQ-UIN (both under Contact).

The Copyright of the 3D-Model, the textures,
pictures and everything coming with this Mod is by me.

1. Rotated HardPoints
2. Wireframe
3. Lightmaps
4. Specmaps
5. Glowmaps
6. Bumpmaps
7. Logos
8. Damageinterior
9. Breaknodes
10. Lights
11. Chunks

Information about this MOD_______________________________________________________________
This mod contains the Intrepid Class, which was completely created by me,
and everything else which you need to install it.

Installation instructions________________________________________________________________

If this is you first mod for Legacy do the following:

- Open the Windows Editor (notepad.exe) and add this line in it:
   g_bGeneratePackFile = 1

- Save this as myconfig.cfg in this folder:
  "...Bethesda SoftworksStar Trek Legacy"
This will make the game to replace db.pak everytime you start the game.

Mod installation_________________________________________________

1. Copy the files:

in your Legacy directory to:
"...Bethesda SoftworksStar Trek LegacyTexturesDDS"



in your Legacy directory to:
"...Bethesda SoftworksStar Trek Legacyodfships"



in your Legacy directory to:
"...Bethesda SoftworksStar Trek LegacyM3D"



in your Legacy directory to:
"...Bethesda SoftworksStar Trek LegacyM3Dchunks"


You can fly this ship if you play as the Federation.

Open "fwvoyager.odf" with the texteditor 
and change the entry after "race = ",
to play this ship with a different race.

Polys: 21044
Polys without the damageinterior: 15993
Hardpoints: 65 (hp01-hp65) 
High resolution textures: yes
Wireframe: yes
Model & Textures made by me: yes
adapted ODF: yes
adapted physik: no
Glowmaps: yes
Lightmaps: yes
Bumpmaps: yes
Specmaps: yes
Logos for different registries: yes
New weapons: no
Animation: no
New Names: yes (Voyager, Intrepid, Bellerophon, Galileo)
Breaknodes: yes (4)
Lights: yes
Chunks: yes

Questions to: [email protected]
ICQ: 148686453

This file is in no way connected to, or affiliated with Activision, 
its employees, representatives, consortiums, or other persons or 
companies associated with it. Therefore, the creator of this file, 
Activision, and its subsidiares take no responsibilty for harm this 
file may do to your computer.

The chunks: "fwvoyager_l_engine0.m3d" & "fwvoyager_l_engine1.m3d" & 
"fwvoyager_l_engine.m3d" & "fwvoyager_r_engine0.m3d" & "fwvoyager_r_engine.m3d" & 
"fwvoyager_root0.m3d" & "fwvoyager_root1.m3d" & "fwvoyager_root.m3d" 
are taken from Legacy, as a result the copyright of these 8 files, 
but only these 8 is by Bethesda.

Have fun with this Intrepid!

FahreS @ -=WiCKeD=-HARKER

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