ISS Defiant Logo Retexture



Here is a modified logo for the Experimental Terran Defiant class that has been submitted by Whitish a few days ago:

This is the logo retexture for the Experimental Terran Defiant class. This one is improved and even better then the first one.

This is the original release by Whitish: Experimental Terran Defiant class




Install to you Legacy folder.

Original Mod: Whitish
Retexture: Me


This pack is part of Team Hawk Fluxx. Please Ask for permission before modifying and uploading anything.

The materials are used from the stock Legacy.They are not supported by MacDoc software,
Bethesda or it ownself. the Textures have not changed, just the ship's ODF.

This material is not made or supported by Bethesda or MAD DOC Software;
it is freeware and may not be used for commercial purposes!

By installing this addon, you (the user) agree to and assume all risks (before mentioned under bugs/problems)
of said addon. As a result, We take no responsibility for any damages that may occur to your game, mod or hardware.

Star Trek and related marks are trademarks of Paramount Pictures/CBS.All rights reserved.

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