Jeddy's Sentinel Class

In 2380 she was finished.

After 5 years of research and a year of construction The USS Sentinel was completed, and not before time.



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In 2380 she was finished.

After 5 years of research and a year of construction The USS Sentinel was completed, and not before time.

With the federations enemies closing around them, they turn to an unlikely new ally, The Romulans. In a joint venture following the Shinzon Incident The Romulans are allowed to aid starfleet in the construction and design of new breed of starship. Complete with a Romulan Cloaking device, with the obvious condition that a Romulan Officer be the only one allowed to operate the technology, as well as it not being used near the Romulan Border.

The Sentinel has the power to defeat a borg cube single handedly, with ease, all of the ships technology was devised to counter Borg and Dominion technology. Such deffenses were previously not possible due to power limitations of a single vessel. However, the the bowls of the Sentinel there is something different, something special. Two purposly designed warp cores working in tandum supplying the ship with all the power it will ever need, and more.

The extra warp core allows the ship to stay virtually autonomous, should a warp core malfunction or need maintenance the ship will no longer need to enter space dock to do it, in fact, the ship can carry on its normal functions with little loss of performance, making it the perfect Long Range Tactical Explorer.

There are several Off-shute projects that were concieved because of the Sentinel Project. The First, Project Archetype, initial experiments in the Archetype technology were fitted onto the - soon-to-be obsolete - Sovereign class. The final off-shute is the deeply mysterious "Deus Invictus Project".

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Thank you for Downloading The Sentinel.

This ship has had many incarnations over its life. 

It started as a little STAII mod, and sparked an entire Fan-fiction based around this ship. I have finally found the final design, and here it is! 

For installation just extract the folders "odf" "m3d" and "textures into your root folder (Program files/Bethesda Softworks/Star Trek Legacy) and enjoy! 

This is the first time ive done specs bumps and glows so they may nto be perfect, so please be gentle with the feed back lol. 




This is a Kitbash of Queball's Victory Class, of which i used the nacelles and Saucer. Thank you to Queball for letting me use his great model as a base for this ship. 

Victory parts - Queball
Textures - Queball
Kitbash - Jeddy
Design - Jeddy
Hardpoints - Acidfluxxbass
Beta - Acidfluxxbass, Jeddy

Also Big thanks to everyone who helped me with this on the forums as well, i would have probably given up on the model again otherwise. 


INstall at your own risk, works fine for me, so if anything goes wrong after instalatrion i cannot be held responsible. 


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