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"Designed for unparalleled protection and firepower; her sheer size was intended to allow her to carry an armament powerful enough to overwhelm any opponent, present or future. She emerged from the shipyards as the largest vessel ever built by the Klingon" - MRJOHN...

...Forget Bird of Prey squadrons, armadas of K'Tinga and Vor'cha class vessels, you've got the firepower of multiple ships all rolled into one - the Bird of Death. A bit of a coy name one thinks, but aptly given, the Klingon Bird of Death looms above her enemies, striking with full force leaving no regrets and just tales of misery and destruction.

The Bird of Death, brought out just a day after the Klingon Kron class, I feel, leaves a lot to be desired in terms of Starship visuals - sure, we all know that Klingon stations are supposed to look like army barracks and the starships are to follow a similar style, but really, there isn't anything overly impressive in this download - it could do with some work in this area.

The Klingon Bird of Death, as already mentioned, is a capable vessel, equipped with an impressive forward-firing array of weapons - multiple phaser beams, disruptor cannons and the ability to launch a good spread of photon torpedoes. The Bird of Death does however, struggle when the enemy nips in from behind and it takes a good few seconds for you to swing round to make any kind of shot count - the aft mounted weapons differ greatly from the offensive value of those on the fore of the vessel.

Overall, it's a good base - it's a design I've seen in the Starfleet Command series of games, which can also be evidenced by the ReadMe File (grrr! :confused: ). I think the Bird of Death needs a little loving, which, as a Klingon vessel, I doubt will be gratefully received!

Note. Although not shown in the screenshots, the download DOES include a ship icon in-game!


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Download 'legacybirdofdeath.zip' (8.66MB)


M3D,Chunk, MRJOHN,Star Trek Legal 

odf,MRJOHN,Star Trek Legal [email protected] 

textures, update MRJOHN 

nEw-GEN http://www.new-gen-mods.net.ms/ ,for the learn to mod 

Chris Jones Gaming Network, FOR THE ULTIMATE UNIVERSE MOD for Star Trek: Legacy 

Title : Klingon Bird of Death 
Filename : _K_TNG_BirdOfDeath.zip 
Version : 0.95 beta 
This ship CAN be used in SFC II, but not in SFC 1! 
Date : 10/25/2000 

Ship design & high poly model from which the textures were taken from: 
Tachy @ Scifi-art.com 
Thanks to Tachy for allowing me to re-create his awesome Bird of Death model for SFC II! It really is an amazing ship. 

Low poly game model author: Don Woligroski (A.K.A. - Cleeve) 
Email : [email protected] 
url : www.STARYARDS.com 

Credits : Brad at SFB to SFC for making the SCME utility available 
to us starship lovers, and whose readme file I used as a template as my own! 
check them out at http://starfleet.thegamers.net 

Description of the Mod File 

The Klingon Bird of Death Class: A mean, lean battleship designed by Tachy of scifi-art.com (see above notes). 

Steps to install 

1. Make a new directory in your 
Starfleet CommandAssetsModels folder called "_K_TNG_BirdOfDeath" 
2. Copy the contents of the zip file into the new 

"Starfleet CommandAssetsModels_K_TNG_BirdOfDeath" folder. 

3. Finally, open the shiplist.txt file located in the 
Starfleet CommandAssetsSpecs folder with Notepad. Better yet, use the 
shipedit program to edit the shiplist.txt file... you can get it here: 

From here you have a choice... you can: 

1. Replace the model geometry of one of the existing ships 
(the C11 Dreadnoughts are my picks) 
with the following AssetsModels_K_TNG_BirdOfDeathBOD-i.mod 

Or : 

2. you can insert the BirdOfDeath stats inbetween the existing row 
entries of the shiplist.txt file. 
<<CAUTION: This may cause some problems with the function of SFC, 
espically during Multiplayer and Single player campaigns>> 

Copyright and Distribution Permissions 

Copyright notices: 

Star Trek, Star Fleet Command, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: The Next Generation, 
Star Trek: Voyager (and the various logo devices used in them) are copyright 
Paramount Pictures, as are the characters, related images, and sound from the productions. 

If you use this model in any Starleet Command project please include this file. 
If you make this file available at your website or anothers please include a link to 

Please do not modify this file or the included texture with out seeking the authors opinion. 
Nothing legal here, it is just polite.

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