Klingon Constitution

This is the Klingon Constitution Mark II. The original was[url="http://legacy.filefront.com/file/Captured_Klingon_Constitution_Refit;79247\...


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This is the Klingon Constitution Mark II. The original was the Captured Klingon Constitution but this is a vast improvement on that version. It is a weird concept but it does fit well. The hull texture looks good. The hull plating is a bit Klingon-like and the Klingon Registry is cool. You could pass off the Nacelles and Deflector as Borg components but they suit the rest of the vessel. Another good retexture from ganondorf.


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Download 'klingon_constitution_mk_ii.rar' (1.87MB)

Klingon Constitution 2.0

Nickname:	ganondorf2002
Email:		bgaines1 AT COX DOT net

		This is a newer version of the Klingon
		Constitution I released earlier.  The 
		files will only overwrite those of the
		earlier version.  I hope that everyone
		enjoys this ship.


		Copy each file from their folder into the same folder in
		legacy, then remove the db.pak.  These files will not 
		overwrite any stock files.


		All of these files were edited and modified by me.  Contact
		me for permission if you wish to use these files in a mod
		that will be made public.

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