Klingon Intellegence Mod

Here is the latest version of the Klingon Intellegence Mods from ganondorf2002. This version, v 2.0, contains 19 Klingon ships from a...

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File Description

Here is the latest version of the Klingon Intellegence Mods from ganondorf2002. This version, v 2.0, contains 19 Klingon ships from all the eras. The ships have all been retextured and rescripted to be better and stronger. The texture quality of these ships is very good, like all the Klingon Intellegence mods that have been released. I suggest getting this mod if you want to give the Klingons an extra bit of sharpness in game.

Nice work. :)

Note: You may require Cungi's New Races Mod 3.3 to play these as a seperate Klingon Race but to get them to work under the normal Klingon race you can follow the instructions in the readme.


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Klingon Intelligence Mod 2.0

Nickname:	Ganondorf2002
email:		bgaines1 at cox dot net

		Here is the newest and probably last installment of this mod.
		This version includes all of the ships from my previous Klingon
		Int. mods.  There are a total of 19 ships spanning all three
		eras.  This should add some excitment for fighting the Dominion,
		Borg or anyone else you want to blow to bits.  As before all of 
		these ships have been retextured and thier stats modified.  I hope
		that everyone enjoys playing this mod as I have enjoyed making it.
		If I come across some new Klingon ships and can get permission I 
		may add some ships in the future.


		Copy the files into the corosponding folders in Legacy.  Remember to remove
		the db. pak prior to playing.  


		Cungi's New Race Mod 3.3 is required if you want to play these
		in the Klingon Intelligence Race.  But if you want to use them just in 
		the Klingon Empire, change the race in the ship's odf from "klingint" to 
		"klingon"  None of these files will overwrite any existing files, except 
		those of my other Klingon Int. mods.  Also this mod is compatible with 
		the UU mod.


		If you want to use any of this mod for your own mod to be released please
		contact me prior to using for permission.  All files were hexedited, recolored,
		and modified by Ganondorf.  However the original Toron was created by Gdata. 
		I would also like to say thanks to Gdata for allowing me to add this to my mod.

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