Klingon Kron Class

Brought in to supplement the Klingon fleet, the Kron Class was the empire's solution to the inherent problem with many of the older Ktinga a...


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Brought in to supplement the Klingon fleet, the Kron Class was the empire's solution to the inherent problem with many of the older Ktinga and Vorcha class vessels - their age.

The Kron Class features a proven design, inheriting many of the design aspects from other Klingon ships of the line, in particular the Vor'cha class, the very vessel it was intended to replace.

The Kron Class features a light forward-firing particle canon, it fires short bursts, ideal for dispersing enemy shielding, but in small but steady doses. When entering short-weapons-range, additional weapons are available from the forward arsenal - traditional disruptor canons and a additional forward-firing canon, comparable in strength to Federation phasers. In addition to these primary-firing weapons, mounted both on the fore and aft of the vessel are traditional Klingon photon torpedoes.

Like all Klingon ships, the shield and hull strength complements the type of armaments available, in this case, strong. Capable of plunging into the heat of battle and taking hits, the Kron Class will battle through inflicting more damage than what it will take itself. With impressive engine output assisted by a well equipped thruster-assembly, the Kron class glides effortlessly through space, leaving death and destruction in its wake.

The screenshots provided really don't do the Kron Class any justice - it looks a lot better in-game...any Star Trek game (this isn't the first time a Trek Gamer should have seen this)! I'm a big fan of the Kron class and is a must-have download in my eyes! I am however, a little peeved by the lack of attention to detail in the ReadMe (Read it and you'll see!) hence, 5/10 for Installation Instructions!


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Download 'legacykron.zip' (10.91MB)

nEw-GEN http://www.new-gen-mods.net.ms/ ,for the learn to mod 

Chris Jones Gaming Network, FOR THE ULTIMATE UNIVERSE MOD for Star Trek: Legacy 

The Kron Class is a mid-sized attack cruiser with a highly impressive armament, including 
two massive pulse disruptor canons and eight standard disruptor banks. Additionally, the 
Kron Class is equipped with six triple fire quantum torpedo tubes; it is believed the 
Klingons will eventually upgrade these tubes to transphasic torpedoes or an equivalent. 
Unlike its predecessors, the Kron Class is also highly maneuverable and very fast, making it 
ideal for quick raids and skirmishes. http://sttff.net/kron.html 
Title : Klingon Class Destroyer 
Filename : _K_TNG_Kron.zip 
Version : 0.95 beta 
This ship CAN be used in SFC II, but not in SFC 1! 
Date : 01/10/2002 

Ship design & high poly model from which the textures were taken from: 
Hobbes's Kron model at scifi-meshes.com 
Thanks to Hobbes for allowing me to re-create his awesome Kron model for SFC II! 

Low poly game model author: Don Woligroski (A.K.A. - Cleeve) 
Email : [email protected] 
url : www.STARYARDS.com 

hardpoints and weapons :MRJOHN e mail [email protected] www.freewebs.com/johnearl 

Description of the Mod File 

The Kron Class: Hobbes' advanced and deadly Klingon Destroyer (see above notes). 

Steps to install 

1. Make a new directory in your 
Starfleet CommandAssetsModels folder called "_K_TNG_Kron" 
2. Copy the contents of the zip file into the new 

"Starfleet CommandAssetsModels_K_TNG_Kron" folder. 

3. Finally, open the shiplist.txt file located in the 
Starfleet CommandAssetsSpecs folder with Notepad. Better yet, use the 
shipedit program to edit the shiplist.txt file... you can get it here: 

From here you have a choice... you can: 

1. Replace the model geometry of one of the existing ships 
(the C11 Dreadnoughts are my picks) 
with the following AssetsModels_K_TNG_KronKron-i.mod 

Or : 

2. you can insert the Kron stats inbetween the existing row 
entries of the shiplist.txt file. 
<<CAUTION: This may cause some problems with the function of SFC, 
espically during Multiplayer and Single player campaigns>> 

Copyright and Distribution Permissions 

Copyright notices: 

Star Trek, Star Fleet Command, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: The Next Generation, 
Star Trek: Voyager (and the various logo devices used in them) are copyright 
Paramount Pictures, as are the characters, related images, and sound from the productions. 

If you use this model in any Starleet Command project please include this file. 
If you make this file available at your website or anothers please include a link to 

Please do not modify this file or the included texture with out seeking the authors opinion. 
Nothing legal here, it is just polite.

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