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Trevor Pilkington brings us his Legacy version of his Delta Colony maps that he initially created for Armada 2. Although the map units/objects are not as important in Legacy as they are in Armada 2, due to the obvious lack of RTS in Legacy, this is still a good replica of the original map.There is a radioactive nebula in the corner of the map to hide behind if the Klingons are whopping your :eek: and you have enough asteroids in this battleground to use to your advantage especially if you are outgunned. The second map is the same as the first except it has 8 player starting places where as the first has 4.

The Item Placement is good and overall feel/look to the map is quite decent.. A nice little mod to grab hold of! These maps were built using the Ultimate Universe installed so it would be wise to either have Ultimate Universe installed..

PS: As with all TP's maps, there is a bit of an interesting back story with it :p - IKS



4 Players map
By Trevor J Pilkington

This Delta Colony for Legacy base on the design of the A2 map with the same name also done by me. This Map was made by using The Ultimate Universe you made need that install for this map to work. V2 two has 8 player start of point why this one has just 4

Bit of History 

Delta Colony was set in 2517 after the Terran Empire find a wormhole into the Delta Quadrant and is now there main sure of Recourses it was cut off for a short time after the Gamma Terran Empire got control of the other side of the wormhole in 2518 but now it back in the Terran Alliance. Thinks to the Alliance when they was in control of the Alpha Quadrant use up most of the Recourses here because of the way they mined otherwise the recourses would had lasts a lot longer. Now because of them the New Terran Alliance last hope against the Gamma Quadrant Terran Empire is Delta Colony.

Sorry about my spellings

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Install the files in the map folder into your C:\Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Star Trek Legacy\sol

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