Legacy Files PotD Pack 12



Its been about a month late but here we have the 12th Legacy Files PotD Pack with 101 shots ranging from pretty decent to quite weird - There are some interesting concept shots like JC's First Contact telescope scene ;) and of course cool normal shots like Stu1701's Clash of the Titans which looks like a screenshot from a map in Sins of a Solar Empire (check screenshot 5) :D

The PotDs were complaining last night that the queue was too crowded with several PotDs fainting due to lack of air, they went on the picket line and demanded relief and respect before threatening to go on strike so I decided to chop the number from 299 down to 194. A small few duplicate shots had to be deleted. Seriously though the upload of duplicate shots will result in future of both the original and the duplicate shot deleted from the queue.

Here are the list of the People involved

  • Acifluxbass
  • Amagosa987
  • Anubis_Tensu
  • AresofWar
  • Assimilation Drone
  • BenBaldwin
  • borgrule
  • Capt_Quert
  • cmdr_Vaughn
  • Commander7384
  • dark_lord_jay
  • Datalore32
  • Daygall65
  • Dooley_001
  • DS9PhaserXII
  • enterprise94
  • FahreS
  • FoodMongol
  • foxrotdewy
  • froggy14
  • ganondorf2002
  • Givdi
  • hicapaul
  • High_Man
  • jaguar87
  • JC2006
  • Kakashi971
  • michaelappleby2002
  • mikjbee
  • nitegriffin
  • Noci3
  • radeon3000
  • saultenian
  • ScottyJam
  • SkeeterUK
  • Skills2k6
  • startrekjake
  • Stu1701
  • Thanatos9t
  • tj_hawk
  • tommy6660
  • Vlad1111
  • yopyop
  • Zube1337

Again as always, thanks for your efforts and hope to see more from you. Pack 13 will be released later on in the week with another 100 shots gone out of the queue, :) so keep an eye out for pack 13.




The Legacy Files Community PoTDs - June 2008 to August 2008 Pack 12

This file is a little pack which we've implemented to alleviate the pressure on the PotD queue
and give all submitted PoTDs a chance to be shown. The screenshots in this mod are previously unseen
pictures that were in the PoTD queue but were not posted, some are old. We cannot facilitate everyone at the moment so we decided to do this.
With the PotD queue increasing in size, the queue has to be cut down to a sizeable amount - between 50 and 60 PotDs.
Instead of us, the staff, deleting PoTDs to shorten the queue we've decided to release a screenshot pack. This requires a lot of work
on our part to save to location, rename, re-upload and post the file so we are undertaking more work (we are glutons for pain) to bring you
a better service. (See, we actually do care about you lot! :))

Thank you to those who submitted to the site and keep up the great work guys and girls, you're doing great!

We hope you will enjoy this,


STL Files Staff.

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