Legacy Files PotD Pack 14



Long overdue, this is the PotD Pack, number 14..

The queue is cleaned starting from the oldest picture down through the following 100 pictures. So the oldest 100 pictures will be packed into the PotD pack. There are still 205 left in the queue after this so there maybe be two smaller packs holing 60-70 potds each to be released soon. This pack is not our best but its not the worst...its a bit of a mixed bag to be honest.

Here are the list of the People who contributed to this pack.

  • Scottyjam
  • Zube1337
  • kcansur721
  • froggy14
  • acidfluxxbass
  • borgrule
  • Grunt158
  • Anubis_Tensu
  • cjlarkin
  • Datalore32
  • Givdi
  • sqwitzilla
  • starfleetcommand3
  • stu1701
  • tj_hawk
  • USS_Voyager_
  • xRoyalHatredx
  • yopyop

Again as always, thanks for your efforts and hope to see more from you. Pack 14 won't be released for another while so your shots are safe...for the meantime wink

Also please note if you modify a screenshot then please denote it as a concept or it has a very slim chance of being shown without the concept tag.



The Legacy Files Community PoTDs - Mid-September 2008 to Mid October 2008 Pack 14

This file is a little pack which we've implemented to alleviate the pressure on the PotD queue
and give all submitted PoTDs a chance to be shown. The screenshots in this mod are previously unseen
pictures that were in the PoTD queue but were not posted, some are old. We cannot facilitate everyone at the moment so we decided to do this.
With the PotD queue increasing in size, the queue has to be cut down to a sizeable amount - between 50 and 60 PotDs.
Instead of us, the staff, deleting PoTDs to shorten the queue we've decided to release a screenshot pack. This requires a lot of work
on our part to save to location, rename, re-upload and post the file so we are undertaking more work (we are glutons for pain) to bring you
a better service. (See, we actually do care about you lot! :))

Thank you to those who submitted to the site and keep up the great work guys and girls, you're doing great!

We hope you will enjoy this,


STL Files Staff.

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