Luna Class



This is the final instalment of the Luna Class cruiser, brought to us kindly by TipTop. In this version, there have been some changes made to the model of the ship itself. The ship also comes with completely new textures, that look great if I may say so. If you installed the latter versions of this, you will want this. Well, you'll want this anyway as it is a great addition to Legacy.

The installation is a breeze. However, if you need any help with installation or you are encountering errors, please post on our forums as you are guaranteed a quick response there. Now, what are you waiting for? Hit that download button and get playing.

- Gav

Note: In the old version there was a glow file named ttt3_glow.dds. That file doesn't exist in the new version so if you installed v2.0 without removing the old one there will be a glow bug.



Federation Luna class cruiser - v2.0
Made by Tip Top 
Textures - Tip Top

This is a final version of my Luna class cruiser. I've made that version to find out if I learned something about texturing. I've made completly new textures and I've also made some small changes to the model itself.

Just unpack Lunav2.0.rar to Your Legacy folder. If You have an older version of my ship it will be overwritten.

If You'd like to use some parts from it , or to make a retexture of it just contact me.
My E-mail adress - tiptopATpocztaDOTonetDOTeu

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