Luna Class Cruiser



This is the Luna Class Cruiser (Riker's Titan). This is a good replica of the canon version of the ship (Sean Tourangeau's official design). Although it doesn't have specular glows and lighting maps it's a nicely done model in terms of the attention to detail shown on the overall shape (which is pretty close to the canon version). The textures are average but hopefully in a later revised version they could improve. For a first model built from scratch it is a good try (remember it took four attempts for gdata to bring us his best version of the Prometheus) ;)



Federation Luna class cruiser
Made by Tip Top 
Textures - Tip Top. Textures have been enhanced by Sovereign001
Thank You Sovereign001

I always wanted to have a "real" Luna class in my fleet. Since there was no other way I had to make my own.
It's not a perfect Luna model but it's close enough.
The ship uses photons and typeX phasers.
I'm not very good in texturing , so if You don't like it - SORRY. Try to make Your own.Just notify me before You do.

To install it just unpack it to Your Legacy folder.

If You'd like to use some parts from it , or to make a retexture of it just contact me.
My E-mail adress - tiptopATpocztaDOTonetDOTeu

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