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"Helm, prepare for a lateral run!"

Yeah, we've all thought about saying it when playing, but now we can actually do it AND more! In de...


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"Helm, prepare for a lateral run!"

Yeah, we've all thought about saying it when playing, but now we can actually do it AND more! In deed, Armada II lives on in code as these old tactical commands have been made to work with your ships in Legacy, hurrah! So, what does it actually do? Well, there are 3 tactical manoeuvre’s that put the ship on auto-pilot, allowing you to properly take control of Tactical and letting your helm do all the work.

The first command is "Fly-by". Simple as really. Your ship line's up for an attack run, you unleash your weapons as you fly pass, helm brings her about and you come back for another run. I recommend boosting power to weapons and engines with this command as you will want to charge past before they can get many hits on you. The second is "Cloverleaf" which makes you attack in a series of straight lines and turns to confuse the enemy. In this pose, I recommend boosting power away from engines and towards your shields and weapons as you'll be in lock all the time, but they are likely to get more hits off on you. The third and final tactic is...the "Circle". Your ship will circle the enemy continuously in a bid to out-manoeuvre them and to escape their firing arcs. Power to engines and weapons is recommended for this, however you may have trouble getting a torpedo lock as you'll never really be facing the enemy.

These commands will stop as soon as you activate controls manually and each of them are easily selectable from the "F" menu...I'll be downloading this, I think you should too!

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Download '' (609KB)

This will enable the ability to overide the Player AI ships attack patterns. The 3 attack patterns are Flyby, Clover Leaf and Circle. When you use the F button on a Player AI ship 3 new buttons will show. These overide the AI and tell it to use a specific pattern. I don't know if this will effect multiplayer since I don't use it, but I have heard it should'nt.

Install instructions:
Extract to the main Legacy Directory. A backup is included of the context_menu.xml file in the ui/hud/backup folder. You will need to backup the file in the  Textures/DDS folder. I would have included it but I don't have an unmodified version right now.

Genty Coding:
UFP Alexraptor Discovering these commands

These new buttons show on shipyards if they are assigned to the Player team.

Contact info:
[email protected]

Feel free to use this for anything as long as proper credit is given

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