Military Action Screenshot Pack



Second time round! This is the updated screenshot pack for the "Military Action Screenshot" Pack. I've tested this and the file does work completely this time. :p

Now this is a great screen shot pack. Food_Mongol brings us an excellent screen shot pack, a "Military Action" screen shot pack. All of these pictures are of the highest quality and definetly would make excellent wallpapers. Each picture is 1024x768, perfect for your desktop background. I am only posting two pictures of the eight in the pack just to give you a sample and not to skew the downloads of the file. Definetly recommended if you are getting tired of that old wallpaper on your dekstop .





Food_Mongol's "Military Actions" wallpapers
Im sorry for the peple who couldnt unzip the zipfile containing the screenshots. I realize that it is because of the two ".zip" designations after the name of the file. I found this after trying to download and see what was wrong. I apologize for my late responce, for I had some things I had to take care of. 

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