Modified "Wrath of Khan" Battle

Firstly: Sincere Apologies to Mechascorpio for the late upload, there was a mix up with our mail system.

Secondly and more...


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Firstly: Sincere Apologies to Mechascorpio for the late upload, there was a mix up with our mail system.

Secondly and more importantly: Here it is. A modified version of the "the Wrath of Khan" battle in Legacy.

Modifications include: - an upgrade of the the Miranda to the Miranda Reliant variant - labelling remodded for the map objects - the extra planets are gone - the main map objects are repositioned to try to bring the AI into a battle in the Nebula.. A nice idea - AI of the Reliant is improved as it now attacks the Enterprise and not the Regula Station

Bugs: - No Mission Objectives and no Mission Script

Still I believe it's a vast improvement on the original.

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Download 'twok_mod.rar' (184KB)

Modified "Wrath of Khan" Battle for STAR TREK: LEGACY
by Mechascorpio at Bethesda Star Trek Legacy Forums

This is a simple modified version of the "khan2.sol" file that was
included with LEGACY, modified to better reflect the battle in
"Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan".


- Replaced the Miranda starship with a Miranda Refit (USS Reliant)
- Changed labeling of the Regula moon, the Regula station and
  the Reliant
- Removed extra planets
- Repositioned the other objects to try to increase the "fog of war"
  and encourage an actual battle in the Nebula
- The Reliant no longer pointlessly attacks the station, but instead
  focuses on the Enterprise
- Sorry, that's about it! It's still the 1701-A, it's still unscripted
  without objectives and so on. This was really just my first work with
  the Map Editor, and wanted to share.


Read everything here first, and backup any files you might replace!!

Either unrar all the files to their proper directories to access
directly from game, or follow instructions below to manually trigger
the skirmish.

The easiest thing to do is simply follow the instructions detailed
by Chess to "Enable Access to All Missions". By doing so and using the
enclosed "LegacyMissions.xml" file (or modifying your own existing file),
you'll have this battle show up in the main menu under Campaign and All

If you have a "LegacyMissions.xml" file, simply add this line to the bottom
of it before </ShellSettings>

   <TheWrathOfKhan file=&quot;twok.sol&quot; date=&quot;2267&quot; image=&quot;snapshot041&quot;/>

In the main menu, at the bottom of the list you'll see mission_selecttwok.sol **.
Select it and if you installed everything correctly, you're good to go!

Otherwise, just add twok.sol and twok.txt as detailed below, and create a
Legacy shortcut with this in the Target box:

&quot;C:\Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Star Trek Legacy\Legacy.exe&quot; /load twok.sol

execute it and the mission will load right up. The downside to this is that it
seems that you might not get the Kirk TOS-era voices.

** Tried to figure out how to make it say &quot;The Wrath of Khan&quot; either based
on something I'd do in the Editor, or even through a Hex Editor, but
never did figure it out. If you know, let me know! at [email protected]


- twok.sol - place in &quot;sol&quot; subdirectory
- twok.txt - place in &quot;sol&quot; subdirectory
- LegacyMissions.xml - place in &quot;campaign/Legacy&quot; subdirectory
- - place in &quot;campaign/Legacy&quot; subdirectory (this is the
  image file for the Main Menu)

Feel free to continue to modify or redistribute. If possible, simply credit
&quot;Mechascorpio&quot; for the base mod. ENJOY!

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