Monygham Class

Introducing the Monygham Class from FahreS. It's a brand new model and design, thus it's worth checking out. The name of the ship is odd but...


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Introducing the Monygham Class from FahreS. It's a brand new model and design, thus it's worth checking out. The name of the ship is odd but the readme states it is from the novel Nostromo, Monygham is a character in the novel I do believe.

Monygham Background The Monygham is designed as a science ship. With 320m length she isn't huge but her deflector improved the whole starship design when she was built in April 2371.As she is no battleship, she hasn't powerful shields or phasers and only two front torpedo launchers. On the other hand she can fire four torpedos at the same time, her phasers fire in every direction and she isn't expensive, so it will make a great addition to every fleet.

The ship's design is peculiar but excellent. I wouldn't say it fits the design template Gene Roddenberry layed out for all Star Trek Starships but it's uniqueness makes it interesting. To me it looks like FahreS got a cylon raider, ripped off the "head" of the raider and planted the engineering section of Connie Refit in it's place avec des nacelles :). The nacelles placement means there is natural covered from fire in the shape of the arc-like "wings" which is a nice touch, though I fail to see a clear-cut bridge on the vessel. Maybe that is a deliberate design to make it harder for enemies to target the bridge. The raised grilling on the impulse engines is also a very sweet design. It has got all the addons for standard Legacy models including; lightmaps, specs, glows, bumps, registry logos (located aft between the impulse engines), HUD/ship selection holders (which look freakishly like a cylon raider), damage mesh and rotated hardpoints. The only thing that looks a bit out of place are the textures of the arc-like wings whose aztec texturing doesn't really following the shape of the wing, but that is only my personal opinion.

So that's it, all-in-all a fantastically bold design and a nice ship in game. Try it out ;)


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Download '' (5.01MB)

|| -   Monygham   - ||

-Information about this MOD
-Installation instructions

You have NO permission to change the model or other content and/or to release them.
Ask me for authorisation: e-mail or ICQ-UIN (both under Contact).

The Copyright of the 3D-Model, the textures,
pictures and everything coming with this Mod is by me.

1. Rotated HardPoints
2. Wireframe
3. Lightmaps
4. Specmaps
5. Glowmaps
6. Bumpmaps
7. Logos
8. Damageinterior

Information about this MOD_______________________________________________________________
This mod contains the Monygham, which was designed and created by me,
and everything else which you need to install it.

Installation instructions________________________________________________________________

If this is your first mod for Legacy, do the following:

- Open the Windows Editor (notepad.exe) and add this line in it:
   g_bGeneratePackFile = 1

- Save this as myconfig.cfg in this folder:
  "...Bethesda SoftworksStar Trek Legacy"
This will make the game to replace db.pak everytime you start the game.

Mod installation_________________________________________________

1. Copy the files:


in your Legacy directory to:
"...Bethesda SoftworksStar Trek LegacyTexturesRGB"



in your Legacy directory to:
"...Bethesda SoftworksStar Trek Legacyodfships"



in your Legacy directory to:
"...Bethesda SoftworksStar Trek LegacyM3D"


You can fly this ship if you play as the Federation.

Open "fwmonygham.odf" with the texteditor 
and change the entry after "race = ",
to play this ship with a different race.

Polys: 3254
Polys without the damageinterior: 1924
Hardpoints: 52 
    (hp01-hp52: hp01-hp28 Phaserbanks, hp30-hp31 Photon Torpedo Launcher, hp52 Deflector)
High resolution textures: yes
Wireframe: yes
Model made by me: yes
adapted ODF: yes
adapted physik: no
Glowmaps: yes
Lightmaps: yes
Bumpmaps: yes
Specmaps: yes
Logos for different registries: yes
New weapons: no
Animation: no
New Names: yes

Questions to: [email protected]
ICQ: 148686453

This file is in no way connected to, or affiliated with Activision, 
its employees, representatives, consortiums, or other persons or 
companies associated with it. Therefore, the creator of this file, 
Activision, and its subsidiares take no responsibilty for harm this 
file may do to your computer.

The name Monygham and the names Placido, Costaguana and Garibaldi,
are inspired by the book Nostromo, 
which gave the Nostromo and the Sulaco in the Alien movies their names.

Have fun with the Monygham!

FahreS @ -=WiCKeD=-HARKER

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