Moon Pack (1.0) by Kophjaeger



This is called "Moon Pack (1.0)" and was made by Kophjaeger. I did not make this. I downloaded this mod from FileFront many years ago before it shut down. I could not find this here or anywhere else, so I reuploaded it for others to enjoy. If this mod is already on this site, or if the author wants to reupload his/her mod here, I'll take it down. Screenshots taken by me.

I also managed to find an archived website page from the WayBackMachine if you're interested in looking back at history:


The ReadMe is the author's.



Now Jupiter can have its 16 moons. And Saturn too. Theis is a simple rescale and rename that will add moon sized planetary bodies to your map editor. It will overwrite your "edit_moons.odf" to if you have non-stock moons in there you may wish to back it up.


Copy these folders and merge them with your existing Star Trek Legacy/odf folders. 

Credits and legal:

This mod is not for profit and is not related to Mad-Doc Software. Please feel free to distribute these as will, and include credit if you wish.

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