AnunC8 returns with this interesting pack of weapon textures, including new Phasers and Torpedoes. Contained in the file are over 75 brand...


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AnunC8 returns with this interesting pack of weapon textures, including new Phasers and Torpedoes. Contained in the file are over 75 brand new textures of all different colors to suit the users tastes, each new torpedo is surprisingly unique and could definitely be used for a number of purposes.

While the title of the file lead me to believe that the weapons were already set up in sprites they are not, this download consists of textures only, so knowledge of sprites is required if you want to add them as new weaponry without overwriting anything. Overall this file is of good quality and the varying texture styles are worth checking out.

See the readme for further information and usage instructions.


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Unique Weapon Sprites (Modder's Resource)
By: AnunC8


Discription: This is a modder's resource, containing a number of custom weapon sprites for
the game. There are 6 phaser sprites with 3 variations each, and 8-10 colors each, coming
to about 110 unique phaser animation sets. The 3 types are as follows:

Common Phaser: The atypical long phaser beam, like seen on the Enterprise D.

Long Pulse Phaser: A barrage of medium length phaser beams, like on the refit Constitution
class Enterprise A. 

Pulse Phaser: A single burst, like seen on the Defiant.

There are 8 new torpedo types with 8-9 colors each, coming to about 75 new torpedo sprites.

Each weapon has been given a simple nickname to reflect their asthetic, like the particle
torpedo or the bio phaser. These names are just for setting each weapon apart, feel free
to rename them in your mod. Other weapons, like the Star Wars laser, or the transphasic
torpedo, have been given their names for obvious reasons.


Instructions: This mod assumes you already have to knowledge to implement these sprites.
However, if you are not a modder, and would simply like to replace an in-game sprite with
one of mine, here's how.

Let's say you wanted to replace the NX Phaser with my Star Wars laser. You would have to
find the file "" in the Star Trek Legacy\Textures\DDS directory.
Then you would take the Star Wars laser sprite "starwarslaser - longpulse -",
change its name to match the NX phaser sprite, then replace the old file with the new
one. Be warned: you should back up any file before replacing it, in case you don't like
the change.

Each weapon set will have a name that corresponds to its race, such as "wfed" for
Federation, and "wrom" for Romulan. The name will be followed by the timeline, such
as "wfedphaser_ent" or "wfedphaser_tos".

The third section of the name will tell you its size, such as "wfedphaser_tng_lrg",
implying a large size. This would be the phaser used by large TNG vessels like the 
Sovereign. You can also go to:
"C:\Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Star Trek Legacy\odf\ships" and check the odf of
each individual ship to help decide which to change. In the odfs, the weapons are listed
with numbers instead of sizes, but it's fairly simple to understand. Small, medium, and
large generally correspond to 1, 2, and 3 respectively.

It will take some practice to understand, but it is not as complicated as it seems.


Disclaimer: This is a non-profit mod, made for fun. No profit was involved. These sprites
are however my unique creations. You have permission to use them without consenting me, as
long as you give me a mention in your mod. 


I've had some issues with my graphics card, so I have not been able to test all of these
sprites. If there are graphical errors, please contact me so I can adjust them.

If you have a question or suggestion, you can contact me at anunc8(@)yahoo(.)com.


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