Captain Jonathon Archer of the Pre Federation starship Enterprise NX-01 was introduced to the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-J when the mysterious starfleet time traveler 'Daniels' whisked him into the 26th Century to Azati Prime, more specifically the battle of Procyon V. The battle was against the invading force of the sphere-builders from another galaxy, who attempted to wipe out all life in the milky way - This is the only known encounter.

Very little is know about this ship however it still exhibits the design influences of its forerunners, it's much larger, sleeker vessel. It retained the elliptical forward hull of the 24th Century Enterprises but with the deflector array apparently mounted at the prow. The most noticable change is the exclusion of the traditional engineering hull and is instead replaced with a much narrower hull that emerges from the rear with the massive warp nacelles were mounted above on elegant upward curving pylons. Enterprise-J Pic

Upon closer inspection of what very little information we have of the ship, it can be extrapulated that this starship is at least one and a half times the size of the U.S.S. Enterprise-E and thus most likely is the home of many federation civilians, just like its predecessors

Daniels also informs Captain Archer that serving aboard the Enterprise-J are many former enemies of the Federation - Klingons, Romulans and Xindi.

While it can be considered to be significantly advanced than its predecessors, no other details of its specification are known.



MRJOHN brings you the recently featured Monarch Class Enterprise J. This vessel I see is quite controversial amongst the trek nation. Its a marmite ship. You either love it or hate it, and with all fairness I think MRJOHN has given you non-believers cause to love it.

So heres the low down.

This is a most impressive attempt at this ship, Creating a mesh that compliments its subtle design I can assure you is not easy. But it seems to have been carried out fairly well in this download.

Textures compliment this collosal vessel although the darker spots on the hull plating take away from the sleekness of the design.

With weapons you will find 20 forward quantum torpedoes, although only being able to fire 5 in a volley gives me the thought that it might be a tad underpowered. Something that reinforces this assesment is the phaser recharge rate. While its great having such a high recharge rate. A ship from an era this advanced i think would have a bit more kick to a single phaser spread.

The only way to analyse a ship from the future effectively, is either put it up against the borgs best and not so brightest, or stick it against a fleet.

Sheilds on the Enterprise J fall fairly rapidly when under constant fire. but they seem to hold around 20% against a sqaud of keldon class warships. In comparison, a Borg vessel delivers a similar amount of firepower and again. The shields seem to be fairly well balanced.

Manueverability is a spot I dont generally draw on but for the monarch class im going to stick my neck out and say, its a bit too light for a ship of this size. Although there arent any complaints when you want to run away from a fleet of 40 Jem Hadar Fighters.

Overall this is a solid and impressive attempt at the Monarch Class. A definate download if you have the urge to voyage in something that I think, has a bit more style.




M3D,Chunk,  MRJOHN


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---------------------------------------------------Credits and Thanks 
Enterprise J   Drawings-   samuelkowal906  samuelkowal906.deviantart.com/art/NCC-1701-J-...

 pics look up  -  bbelt

 by redragon
 Enterprise J  ,NX Intrepid -  Kitbash   rework by MRJOHN

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