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"This has been, and will continue to be, a wild ride." - Chris Jones Gaming.

Here we have the latest "All in one" rendition of the Ultimate Universe modification. As the title suggests you won't need anything other than this to bring your Legacy install right up to the latest build in the Ultimate Universe series. This download features just about every ENT-VOY Ship you could ever think of, I do however hope that some-time in the future we might see some Delta Quadrant vessels (Other than the included, and brilliant 8472 Bioship) creeping their way in some-how! A comprehensive read-me, including an ever-expanding list of improvements and additions is attached here (see below) and can also be found in the program's installation wizard.

Most of you will already know what this download includes, but for those of you who don't:

I could talk about the Ultimate Universe modification for hours upon hours but since it's rapidly evolving with each release I think it's best that a summary is made when there is an end in sight - which I don't hope to see for a long time yet!

Notable features with this, compared to some of the other releases is the improved user interface. Not everyone has seen this addition, since each download was large but hopefully you can download this, play it to its maximum potential and still have a few skirmishes before you have to upgrade to another Ultimate Universe Release! :P

I really do wish the Chris Jones Team the best of luck with continuing Ultimate Universe and I hope to see more of the same, if not better (if that is humanly possible? :S :))

[i]Please note. The Original releases have now been organised into a 4-part series




This has been, and will continue to be, a wild ride.
This file dated Sept. 2007
   On to the nitty gritty. You can select which directory to install the mod into, although It has been set to the default Legacy directory. This installer puts all the files in the proper places inside your Legacy Game. It is recommended that you have a brand new install of Legacy for this mod. That install should include Official Patches 1.1 and 1.2 for Multiplayer. If you wish to see the correct chunking of nacelles and such things when they are blown off your ship, you can only do this in single player in an unpatched game. Note that this mod DOES work well in an unpatched version of Legacy.

Note the many new game modes in the Ultimate Universe, many originally authored by TJoz. Battlefest Mode by MaxLoef, and Exploration Mode by Chris Jones.

   The Ultimate Universe is fully Multiplayer compatible. We have found that using a program called Hamachi <http://www.hamachi.cc/> helps when connecting for Multiplayer - use the LAN setting.

A utility is included to allow for the six races in the Ultimate Universe to be selectable in Multiplayer. All players that join the game will need to have the same 4 races selected so they don't get the "different version" error when trying to join.

It doesn't matter what order you pick the races in as long as you choose the same 4 races as everyone else.  It sorts them and once they are changed it updates the boxes to the races that are currently selected although possibly shown in different boxes than you selected.  There is no need to use the Default button between race changes just choose your new selections.

This same utility allows for switching the default race in the mode maps - default is Federation. You can also disable the on screen displays for movie making or scenic screenshots. Muldrf authored this utility.

Upgrade system, here! Upgrade/Refit your ships in the ship select area. Max Loef and Phoenix, with credits to Tjoz for the initial upgrade system and upgrade system odf template..

New Interface from Mindwipe..

Some ships, as you'll see, are still stock. Our Goal is to replace all the stock ships with newer better looking ones.

There are 6 playable races in Single Player and Multiplayer Modes. Cardassian and Vulcan are selectable in addition to the original four (see above for multiplayer notes). The menus are different and less laggy, as you might notice, good for low end PC's.

 More features of this mod..

1.   Originally the game had a max player limit of 4 player we have extended that 6 and 8 player maps, through Trickester's original Community Mod.
2.   Larger, more dramatic Explosions (by Miri's Hot/Max Loef/Mindwipe) - New Explosion Audio as well.
3.   We have approximately 70+ new maps added.
4.   Historical Missions added - Wrath of Khan (scripted to end properly), The Die Is Cast, Enterprise Incident, First Contact, Paradise Lost, etc...
5.   Special Modes with approximately 130+ ships in battles - Single Player - also some Original missions, One On One, System Conquest, Survival, and Armada mode. There are lite versions of many of these.
6.   AI Ships More aggressive. Smaller ships, when in numbers, may fly in formation.
7.   Lots of new ships ranging from ENT, TOS, TMP, and TNG era's with a few future ships.
8.   New Repair interface / Faster repair rates
9.   Enemy Ships repair themselves in game..
10.  Overhaul of stock interface, now a friendlier interface.
11. Some elements of the 'Tactical Enhancement Mod' included
12. You can tractor any ship.. note that their engines are disabled when you do that - permantly - still - the tractor beams may have some use down the line..

See the included readme folder for more features and credits

Known Bugs:

1. The special mode missions in Single Player do not end properly, yet. You need to escape out of the game manually. Note that the scripting tools released by Bethesda in August 2007 will help to solve this problem. We think you'll find it only a minor inconvenience at this time.
2. The Occasional Dancing Torpedo - on very few ships.

3. 8472 Mission – hits on 8472 may produce a white glow effect

4. Same for some Breen ships

Team Members

 Director of Ultimate Universe
-Chris Jones - USA

-Victor1st - <http://www.startrek-gamers.com/>  - Scotland
-Writeall - USA

Assistant Director
-Mindwipe - England

PR Dept
-Mindwipe - England
-Phoenix  - England

Director Of Cinematography
-Mindwipe - England

-Laserdisc   - USA

-Chris Jones - USA
-Remore      - USA

-JC2006 - England
-Ebak - England
-Max Loef - The Netherlands
-Phoenix - England
-Chris Jones - USA

Special Game Modes / Maps
-Tjoz - Australia

Modelers / Model Porters (from 1 game to another)
-Design Exporter - Moonraker - USA
-Maxloef - The Netherlands
-Grunt - USA
-Achilles / Raw Models/New Models - England
-Phoenix - UK
-Remore - USA
-Enigma - USA
-Modelplease - Outalanceshipyard - USA

-Remore  - USA

-Remore  - USA
-Max Loef  - The Netherlands

-Phoenix - England
-Aircav - USA
-MeteoraFallen - USA

-Exporter - Moonraker - USA
-Coder I - Genty - England
-Interface - Tjoz - Australia

Race Switching/Hud Removal/Multiplayer race swtiching Ultility

GFX Artist / Explosion packs
-Background images/some maps - SirShaw - USA
-Explosions - Miri's Hot - USA

-Meteorafallen - USA
-SirShaw - USA
-Nataku - Scotland

ODF Files
-Chris Jones - USA
-Capt Ryugi Kazamaru - USA
-JC2006 - England
-Gamemaster - USA
-Phoenix - England
-Remore  - USA

XML Scripters
-Tjoz - Australia
-Gamemaster - USA

Audio/Video Tech
-Audio/Video - Mindwipe - England
-Audio - Chris Jones - USA

Stress Testing / Beta Testers
-Gamemaster   - USA
-Captain Ryugi Kazamaru - USA
-Laserdisc               -USA
-Miri's Hot              -USA

Official Beta Testers
-Laserdisc - USA

Moral Support
-Sunshine - USA
-Vixen Bondi - England
-The Nagging Bitch - England
-Briana      - USA
-Duck - USA (Some beta testing)

Some UUM Features.

1. All new TOS from Moonraker - including a new Dreadnought - TOS Proxima eliminated. Use of the New TOS by anybody - requires the direct permission of Chris Jones, Moonraker, and Writeall.
2. New Breen, Cardassian (including Stations), Dominion, and a new Fed Achilles Class from Phoenix Fett.. all with HI RES Textures from Sovereign001.
3. New Photons - visuals and audio - for TOS, TMP,  Early TNG, DS9, Voyager, and First Contact - thanks to Max Loef
4. Big Big bases...(some - not all)
5. Vulcans' R Us (tjoz balancing act) - new Vulcans in the works.
6. Klingons and Romulans are lots of fun - Many new Variants/Ships
  (Klingon Intelligence Mod INCLUDED in UUM)
7. The Original Single player campaign is fun, and beatable..
8. Many mode maps, and a liquid nebula skirmish map or two..
9. New Fed Ship - Rigel Class Heavy Cruiser.. Created/Kitbashed by Max Loef
10. Armada Mode map with all small ships involving the Jem'Hadar - from Tjoz.
11. Target Practice maps added to all Eras of 1 on 1, by JC2006
12. Some 1 on 1 maps allow for 2 or more ships, if the ship you are fighting against is going to slaughter you in 1 ship..
13. Paradise Lost - Historical Deep Space Nine Battle, is here. Play as the Defiant or the Lakota - Specially Balanced by Chris Jones for maximum fun factor..
14. Lots of New Enterprise Era ships implemented by Max Loef!!!
15. Cungi's Excelsior Escort Class included - with permission.
16. Cardassian Phaser and Torpedo audio is unique!


Rebalance of Klingons and Romulans
Pulse Phaser speeds have been increased for Feds, Klingons, and Romulans.
Torpedos have been sped up for more realism.
Heavy Cruiser Odf has been properly linked to the Prometheus.
Repair file has been linked to the Lakota file.
Changed repair file include for the TNG Oberth.
Cloaking has been extended
Cloaking has been individualized for the scouts.
Long range Sensors have been increased on time.
USS White Fox has been added as an Intrepid variant circa 2383
Acceleration has been improved.
Turn rates have been increased.
Void map - in conjunction with JC2006.
Stress testing of Multiplayer and Skirmish modes.
Rebalance of Single Player Campaign
Modifications/Adjustments to many campaign maps
Individualized Hero Physics - Hero Pack
Total game physics

The Ultimate Universe Borg Pack - Brand New Borg Cube

With this new Cube you will enjoy the maps

1. Wolf359
2. First Contact (specially balanced - Defiant version included)
3. Unimatrix One and Two
4. One on One Vs. the Cube (This is Tough)
5. The Borg Attack (Get Armoured Voyager) – wonderful eye candy.
6. Special Mode Borg Maps - Survival, Armada

7. Assimilated Earth

A slew of new maps will be included. The Cube will take on..

1. Klingons. Recall in 'Best of Both Worlds' that Admiral Hansen said the Klingons were sending ships. They did.
2. Romulans. The Praetor would not be proud of this, lol..
3. Vulcans - This one's fun - Vulcans in formation.
4. The Dominion - you may know that the Dominion share a border with the Borg. It is conceivable that they have clashed.
5. Cardassian Cubelands

The Breen take on the Borg in a Survival Map or 2 .. Looks much cooler with this new Cube.

What if in the Enterprise episode 'Regeneration', Archer had not been able to stop that 'Alien' freighter? You could theorize that the 'Temporal Cold War' got involved here and the Borg managed to get a Cube to Earth in the Ent timeline. Some of the Starfleet ships, the ones who did not engage the Borg, survived and evolved into TOS era - where another Cube battle took place...

Any and all use of this Borg model and texture must be approved by the creators.  Use without formal approval from all party's involved in its creation, it will be deemed as a fraudulent claim of rights to having built the model and or created the texture.  In such cases you will be asked to immediately cease using the model and or texture. 
Permissions for use if this new cube must be sought from the following:
Chris Jones – Moonraker - Writeall


New Wrath of Khan Mission in the Historical Missions section of Non-Campaign.. Complete with proper music. The mission will end properly depending the outcome.

ALL NEW EXPLOSIONS from Miri's Hot - the best yet
(Borg Cube blows out chunks when it loses key systems)

Also from Miri..
UI Folder ( Controls .XML)  A little tweak I found, gets ship closer to middle of screen.
Config.cfg file (I set the cfg_CameraFOV to .785) gets great detail this way.

New Weapon effects and Animations from Max Loef
New Starbase - all eras - Moonraker model ported by Grunt.

EXPLORATION MODE with lotsa maps!! BIG ONES!!!

New TMP ships from Moonraker

1. Jenghiz Class (single nacelle)
2. Akula Class
3. Abbe Class Torpedo Cruiser
4. Constitution Refit (including Khan version)
5. Soyuz Class (TMP and TNG Eras)
6. Miranda variants - all eras

New Wolf359 ships - LC Models ported by Max Loef, including a new one called 'The Springfield' Class.

New Historical mission by Phoenix - Way of The Warrior - using the new Deep Space Nine model - with realistic weaponry. This one's a blast!

1. Many new one on ones  - reoraganized, updated screenies
2. ships - ships - ships (new and updates)
* Mnemosyne class (Grunt Port of Wicked Zombie's model)
* Jem'hadar Super Carrier (Phoenix Ports)
* Dominion Heavy Carrier
* Planetary Defender
* Strike Cruiser
* Galor
* Keldon
* Hideki
* Runabout-Class Shuttle (with and without pod)
* Peregrine-Class Fighter
* Dominion Warship
* Dominion Light Cruiser
* Dominion Heavy Cruiser
* Breen Dreadnaught
* Breen Scout
* Breen Light Cruiser
* Breen Cruiser
* Breen Heavy Cruiser
* Dominion Fighter
* Dominion Heavy Fighter
* Barkus Class Cardassian
* Hutet Class Cardassian
* Delta Class (CoolguyLi)
* New Intrepid Class - Rick Knox from BC (Max)
* New Akira Class - SNS from BC (Max)
* Selfridge Class (Port by Phoenix)
* Formidable (Ports and new design: Phoenix)
* Enterprise Era BOP (Max Loef - made from scratch!)

* New ships and fixes from CoolGuyLi27
1) Nimitz
2) Delta
3) Explorer
4) Lafayette


Excalibur (TNG)
Agean (Chief Brex)
Starbases (Moonraker) 

New skirmish maps - including Deneb Encounter and Serolia - Big map -big planets - wormholes (Max)

BIG Exploration Maps

Historical Mission  - The Jem'Hadar - uses wormholes
Map by JC2006


The content of this mod cannot be used in any other mod without permissions from the original authors -

Primary contacts are Chris Jones, Mindwipe, Moonraker, Writeall, Max Loef, Gamemaster, Phoenix. If unsure contact me directly - chrisjones©chrisjonesgaming.net

Obviously if you wish to use use something from this mod that is authored by someone outside this mod - you need the original author's permission.

Some Mods authored by people on the Official Bethsoft Forums and here on Legacy Files.. There is a separate folder for Readmes and credits in your game folder after install. 

This mod and these files are not supported by Maddoc or Bethesda Softworks and they are not responsible for any damages to your game directory. As with all mods you are using them at your own risk. The Ultimate Universe does not come with an uninstaller.


The Ultimate Universe Mod Team


5 years ago

This brings back such foud memories. This was the very first mod I ever played of any game and it introduced me into pc game moding! No matter how many games I get into, I will always go back to Ultimate Universe!