NX-01 Enterprise Azati Prime



Trip1501 brings us an interesting port, this damaged variation of the NX Class Enterprise is based on how the ship appeared in the season three episode of Enterprise "Azati Prime." Originally made by Mark and LC for Bridge Commander, this ship spots hull damage across the entire dorsal side of the ship and parts of the ventral side.

However the fact the textures appear mirrored on the ship is a bit off-putting, while not the prettiest thing in space this is definitely worth trying out.

See the readme for further information and installation instructions.




NX-01 Enterprise Azati Prime

It's base on the file from Mark and LC Amaral

Place all the files in the correct places.
- Place the M3D file in the M3D Folder
- Place the ODF file in the ODF folder
- Place textures TGA in the textures/RGB
- Place the dds file in the dds folder.
- and delete the file db.pak in your Legacy directory!

The ship have no weapons there are offline. Warp is working and it have a icon.

M3D		: Trip1501
Ship		: Mark and LC Amaral


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