NX-01 Enterprise Shuttle Pod 1

This is the NX-01 Shuttle Pod which appeared in a few Enterprise episodes created by Trip1501. This is a pretty nifty little vessel w...


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This is the NX-01 Shuttle Pod which appeared in a few Enterprise episodes created by Trip1501. This is a pretty nifty little vessel which looks good. The shape and design of the model are good but the textures, done by SKINMAN, are a bit average especially with the mirror shipname on the hull. The Hardpoints don't work on this model and the pod itself is a bit too large in terms of scale but that is quite fixable by changing the "sodsize" parameters in the Ship's ODF. However despite the few negative points it's a generally good addition. I would suggest to alter the ship's size in the ODF to get the maximum value out of this mod.

Worth checking out if you are a fan of the Enterprise Era. :)


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Download 'nx_01_pod1.zip' (1.24MB)

NX-01 Enterprise Shuttle Pod 1

Shuttlepod 1 was a shuttlepod used by the crew of the NX class starship Enterprise in the mid-22nd century. The pod was one of two similar shuttlecraft aboard Enterprise, the other being Shuttlepod 2. 

In April 2151, the two shuttlepods sat alongside each other in Enterprise's launch bay while the vessel's commanding officer, Captain Jonathan Archer, and Vulcan science officer, Subcommander T'Pol, briefed an away team. The team consisted of Ensigns Hoshi Sato and Travis Mayweather, Lieutenant Malcolm Reed and Commander Charles Tucker III. The officers left the starship in Shuttlepod 1 and used it to travel to Rigel X, a planet in the Rigel system that was prone to snowstorms. After the away team parked the craft on the landing deck above a trade complex, all the officers left the pod. Later, Lieutenant Reed and Ensign Mayweather returned to the craft. When the other members of the away team exited the complex, they tried to return to Shuttlepod 1 but had difficulty finding the craft. They were then attacked by Suliban, but eventually made it back to the shuttlepod. As the Suliban continued to fire at the craft, Mayweather piloted Shuttlepod 1 back to Enterprise with a damaged starboard thruster. (ENT: "Broken Bow") 

The following month, Captain Archer, Lieutenant Reed and Ensign Sato headed from Enterprise to an Axanar cargo ship using Shuttlepod 1. Once the shuttlepod arrived near its destination, it twisted so that its roof met with a hatch on the Axanar craft's hull and docked with the alien vessel. The crafts remained connected while the away team boarded the alien ship and separated once the team had returned to Shuttlepod 1, which subsequently ferried the team back to Enterprise. 

The shuttlepod later returned to the Axanar ship with Captain Archer, Commander Tucker, Ensign Sato and Doctor Phlox. On the journey back to Enterprise, Captain Archer used the shuttlepod's communications capabilities to contact the starship and speak with T'Pol. After she complied with the captain's instruction to extend Enterprise's docking arm, Shuttlepod 1 maneuvered to rendezvous with the arm. However, as Enterprise was under attack, the vibrations of weapons colliding with the starship's hull caused Shuttlepod 1 to disconnect from the docking arm. The shuttlepod was eventually lifted into the starship's launch bay and safely returned to Enterprise. (ENT: "Fight or Flight") 

Place all the files in the correct places.
- Place the M3D file in the M3D Folder
- Place the ODF file in the ODF folder
- Place textures TGA in the textures/RGB
- and delete the file db.pak in your Legacy directory!

The HardPoints(HP) for the weapons are not working.
If you want it to fix you can do that.
If you do that you name my in the readme and skinman.

textures	: SKINMAN
M3D		: Trip1501


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