NX-01 TOS Refit



tj_hawk brought us another nice TOS refit. This time it is the NX-01 which has been refitted for the TOS era:

During the war with the Klingons, Starfleet has ordered all decommissioned vessels return to active duty. Despite it's ENT counterpart, the NX Refit is now a bit faster, stronger shields and hull plating, and of course stronger weapons. Like my other mods, it's been tested on Trek Battles II. So enjoy to your hearts content.

Note: This will work only with Trek Battles 2, because the odf uses a m3d that is only available in Trek Battles 2!




The materials are used from the stock Legacy.They are not supported by MacDoc software,Bethesda or it ownself. the Textures have not changed, just the ship's ODF


1. Place M3D file in the folder M3D

2. Place ODF file in the folder ODF/ships/


1. Remove M3D file in the folder M3D

2. Remove ODF file in the folder ODF/ships

None of the files will overwrite, Just install and enjoy.

This Has worked on the trek battles II conversion so there should not be any problems.
suffice to say, this only took me less than 15 minutes to create than my other files.

None that i know of.

Report any bugs if you find any.

Any questions or problems:
email me at [email protected]

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