NX Class Refits



This is a rather suprisingly cool retexture job. It contains two retextures - one is a TOS type NX Class and the other is a TMP type NX Class. The ODF and models are modified too. Definately worth a download :cool:



           **NX Class Refits**  BY Cmdr. Lawrence

           For use with STARTREK: Legacy               
This archive contains two basic re-textures of the NX-01 class, complete with custom 
Odf and altered m3d files.

You could say these would be like refits of the NX-class if the class stayed in 
service up to Kirk's time. Yeah I know...But I thought they turned out pretty cool.

The first one is a done in TOS series style, the Second is done in the early TMP style 
or as close as I could get considering the model. Hey maybe the Federation pulled the 
old ships out of the mothball fleet to be used as testbeds for the new technology.

[Note: I have included my ship .odf files as a bonus. The refits use the
 appropriate era armament as well as having shields and other changes.
 I tried to make sure that they were error free and they work great on my machine, 
 but they may not be compatible if you have already modded your installation
 Of Legacy. If for some reason they cause problems delete them, and make your own.]

Installation: (This assumes you already know how to and have unlocked Legacy for modding)

Open the Rar Archive

For each Ship, extract the files as follows:

 .odf files into the ships directory [ ==> odf ==> ships ]

 .dds files into the  directory [ ==> textures==> dds ]

 .m3d files into the m3d directory

After installation: you can find the refits in the Fleet Selection for ENT Era .I just left 
them in the Ent Era for comparison with the original, but feel free to move them to another 
Era. If you don't know how, find out on the forums or figure it out on your own.

Disclaimer: I take no credit for the these works as the concept, artwork, and models
are not my original works. I only take credit for putting them together the way I have.

License*** You agree to the following:
By using this mod you agree you will not hold the author responsible if you're too ignorant 
to use this mod and screw up your installation of Legacy. You agree also that if your 
computer coincidentally explodes or fizzles and/or otherwise stops working that it was not 
the fault of the author because that is just plain ridiculous. The author places no copyright 
upon these works, you are free to do with them as you choose. If you upload this file or 
share this file you agree to keep the archive intact and this readme.txt within the archive. 

1. Gene Roddenbury for creating Star Trek in the first place.
2. Paramount
3. Myself for being a fan of all STARTREK including StarTrek: Enterprise.
	(screw everybody that didn't like it) 
4. Bethesda Softworks LLC and Mad Doc Software for atleast bringing us 
   another StarTrek Game
5. The StarTrek modding community and StarTrek fans around the world

Did you ever test these ships on any other version than stock Legacy after you released them here?