NX Logo pack



This mod is a registry/logo replacement for the NX Class. Including the Challenger, Discovery, Enterprise and Columbia this mod manages to give the hull registry a bit of a sleaker look.. Small addition but still worth checking out if you like the screenshot :)



readme - nx registries

wohoo my second mod, I hope this one does better that the last one :P


here are four replacement logos for the NX class, yes its been done a bit before,
but I included two new names, the Challenger and the Discovery, assuming that 
the naming of the NX class mirrored that of the American Space Shuttles, and linked
to a friends fanfic *waves*.

It replaces Enterprise and Columbia aswell with less (in your face, bleeding) logos.
Since this is version 1, there is a little bug-ish. the ventral name, which I dont think
exists anyway, wouldnt quite fit with the curve of the deck, but its not that noticable.


These will overwrite the existing logos.

back up the old nx logos for safety

copy the new logos into the DDS textures

also included is the NX odf with the new name arrangement, it also has some personal editing because
I couldnt find my backup - oopsy tootsy. Avenger and Currie been removed. Backup ur old, 
and copy the new.


I dont own star trek or legacy etc

suggestions welcome!

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