NX-X Class



Following the success of their earlier second release to the Legacy Files community, NX-X 2.0 is released, right here, right now!

The NX-X class is predominantly the same as its lesser variant, the NX class - with the exception of that third nacelle - a striking design indeed! The design was most likely inspired from the Galaxy-X class (which at this time we're not supposed to know about! :P) and is a design which I think would make Paramount proud!

History of the NX-X class: The NX-X was a powerful ship needed due to the growing Xindi threat. Upon the protoype weapon's attack on Earth, construction started on 4 existing NX Class ships. These updates included more powerful weapons, a wider torpedo aiming arch, a thicker hull, and better warp capabilities for longer with an added nacelle making it a practical dreadnought ship for the Humans.

This is the second release of the NX-X class and features the following improvements:

A new NX model and higher resolution textures complete with lighting, bumps and specs for extra detail. It also has its own Chunks rather than using an existing ship's as can be seen in the Screenshots.

- Speculars - Bump Mapping - Lighting And Glows - Damage Mesh

The NX-X class is a formidable starship on the battlefield; it possesses superior firepower to many of the other starships from that era and is able to widthstand considerable damage and still pull through with torpedoes firing! Steering is a little heavy on this battleship - it won't glide gracefully if you decide to make a sharp turn (else that third nacell may fall off!). The textures, although already looking good in the initial release now finish off the class really well, they shine elegantly - just like all good Federation / Starfleet designs should!

-It's a great improvement overall to an initially brilliant design. Take a look at the screenshots included for an even better presentation of this class of starship, simply brilliant!




The NX-X (2.0)
Team Exxperience

NOTE: This mod may overwrite existing files.
WHAT IS THIS?: This is a ship which can be added to your Legacy Game.

Included comes one new ship class; The NX-X

PLEASE NOTE: The Ship Is not 100% cannon

- Fixed NX-X Model (no smoothing errors/damage texture errors)
- New texturing. (Better quality and more detailed. More metallic Hull plating. Enhanced bumps and lighting)
- Hardpoints more accurate
- Ship Position is corrected (ship will no longer be far away)

Download Times:
Dial Up (56kb/s) - 10 min
2mb broadband - 25 seconds

Copy files from folders to Legacy.

Copy all *.dds in folder to: Legacy>Textures>DDS*
Copy all *.m3d files in folder to: Legacy>m3d
Copy all *.odf files in folder to: Legacy>odf>ships

The mod has been tested successfully on stock, trek battles and ultimate universe and aftermath.
There should be no trouble playing as files included that the ships use are stock

delete/rename the file db.pak in your game directory, unless you have Trek Battles/UUmod 

Model: Mr Spock
Kitbashed By: Acid Fluxx Bass
Retextured By: Acid Fluxx Bass & Sovereign_001
Hardpointed By: Acid Fluxx Bass
Odf&apos;s by: Acid Fluxx Bass & Boo Yah

NOTE: We cannot be held responsible if any damage is done to your game. By installing, you are accepting all risks of the addon.
Mad Doc Or Bethsda Works do not own this ship. The ship was kitbashed using a ship provided freely for this purpose by Totally Games on the Bridge Commander Filefront.

We thanks Bethesda and Mad Doc for creating the modable game. I (Acid Flux bass) would like to thank my team. We are a great bunch and I hope we produce some great mods as Team Exxperience.

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