Oberth Ship pack

Phoenix's Oberth Ship pack, This pack contains,

TOS Oberth:- Due to the Grissom's Regestry number being NCC-638 I thought it wo...


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Phoenix's Oberth Ship pack, This pack contains,

TOS Oberth:- Due to the Grissom's Regestry number being NCC-638 I thought it would possibly be older the the Constitution class (NCC-1700's) so unless she was a deadalus class the Grissom would of been around in some other forum, so I've decided to do my interpritation of what the Oberth looked like Before the TMP era Refit.

TMP Oberth:- Due to Stock legacy veriant being....in a lack of a better term Rubbish i decided to remake it due to the fact she's one of my favorit ships (Dunno why :D) i added as much detail to her as i possbily could with out taking away from the quality of game play - I think, & hope i have managed to do this :D

TMP Oberth Medical Veriant:- Saw a picture on google of somthing simuler, and it just made sence to me, if the Deadalus was a medical ship some times and the oberth took over it, then surly wouldnt the Oberth be a medical ship too :D

TMP Oberth Guardian refit:- Wanted to give the oberth some teeth. i also gave this class a small story line background. if you wish to read it please look at my Compertition entry

Thats about it, Thanks once again for downloading my work Phoenix

Here is the highly anticipated Oberth Pack from Pheonix, so now we can all stop drooling over the images posted a while ago. Featuring several oberth variants from all the eras I have to say this is an awesome Job. One wonders what else Pheonix has planned :D

I have always loved the oberth for its Uniqueness, and its great to see this pack finally released.

A recommended download for anyone.


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Download 'oberthpack_1_0.rar' (14.8MB)

Readme File:
Title : Federation Oberth Fleet
Date : 16th November 2008
Current Mod Team: Chris Jones Gaming

Quick Summery
Thanks for downloading my Oberth pack, inside you will find 4 ships. The Oberth (as seen in st3) the Gaurdian refit, a Medical Refit and my TOS oberth Veriant (which will be getting remade) the reason i designed a TOS Oberth is due to the Grissom's regestry, it seems to me it was around before the constitution (ncc-1700's) so unless the Grissiom was oringanally a Dadalus class this is the only conclusion i could come up with. then you have the Oberth. i decided the stock one wasn't all that, and being one of my favorit little ship's i decided to try my hand at building her. after 3 botched attempts i think i finally got it :D. the medical one well...i saw a pic of somthing simuler and Had to build it. there where 3 more veriants i built but i wont waste your hdd space lol.

Once again, Thanks for downloading one of my ships
"Tim Bondi"

Textures : Phoenix 
Mesh : Phoenix 
HardPoints : Phoenix
Bump's & Specs : Phoenix
Secret Extra : Phoenix
Miranda pod : Moonraker

None, this will work with stock legacy :D

Technical Details
Tested with Legacy stock
Ultimate Universe 1.0

Known Bugs
Had to make the Nacels none distrutable on the guardian veriant due to the weapon pods.

Install instructions

1 - Unzip this pack into a temp directory

2 – Copy the folders (M3D, odf, Textures) into your Legacy folder. Click yes, when prompted to overwrite the files.

Thanks, Aknowledgements and Other Credits
Firstly i would like to thank a few friends from the bridge commander comunity for all the help they've given me

Marky D - Man with out your modeling Help i'd never of gotten this far

Chief Brex - For all his lessions & help and Support re-learnging how to use 3d-studio max

Lint - For Spending Many hours with me going into detail about diffrent Methods of modeling

Blaxxor - for all his Photo Shop tip's to make my textures look just that much better

Last but not Least
Chris Jones of the CJG Network - Chris if it wasnt for you i dont know where i would be now, i most sertainly wouldnt have any of the skill or admiration i have now,

Thanks guys it means alot to me

Conditons of Use
Please do not Port, Edit or Re-distribute without Authors prior permission,
Copyright notices:
Star Trek, Legacy, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Voyager
are copyright Paramount Pictures, as are the characters, related images, and sound from the productions.

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