Here is a nice mod for us all. This mod contains many of the ODF files from the game and have been modified. From what I can see, many, if n...


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Here is a nice mod for us all. This mod contains many of the ODF files from the game and have been modified. From what I can see, many, if not most, of the ship ODF file's have been edited and alot of the weapon files have also been modified. It looks like this has taken alot of time and effort, so why not download this and see what it's all about. You can see from the screenshots that this mod makes game-play much more fun.

All installation instructions can be found in the readme file as always. Remember to report any bugs you find, on the forums as there is bound to be at least one, seeing as all of these files are used to code the ships etc.

- Gav

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Download 'toms_stl_release.zip' (6.83MB)



Open your odf/ships folder and copy and paste all the files there.
Open your odf/wepons/phasers and copy and paste all the files there.
Open your odf/wepons/photons and copy and paste all the files there.
Open your odf/wepons/pulse and copy and paste all the files there.

i run legacy with these ships in legacy 1.0, with the tactical enhancment mod and Skirmish Menu v2 ( http://startrek.bethsoft.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=7283&hl=skirmish+manager )

This mod is my attempt at fixing what I thought was wrong with the game. Other mods focused on everything but the fundamental game play. 
Mine focuses solely on that, and hopeful you all think this is as big an improvement as I do. I had two goals when creating this mod, 
one was for everything to look and act cooler. More torps, more phasers, more pulses, more ship on ship carnage. 
The original game plays like a chess match compared to this. My second goal was to balance the races to the nat's cunt hair. Almost every
ship has a near counterpart from the other two races, no more federation ownage. The single player if fully functional and works well imo.
Mission 2 and the mission with the Enterprise-D can be a bit overwhelming though. You’ll get plenty of money after each mission to buy whatever you want,
and trading in ships gives a full refund. 

// global WEAPON values
photonReplenishRate = 1.8 // how fast can i restore my photons
weaponsEnergyReplenishRate = 1.4 // how fast can i restore my weapons energy pool
weaponPoolDiminishRate = 1.3 // how slowly does my weapons pool diminish
energyPerPhoton = 0.1 // how much energy expended when firing a photon torpedo
shieldRechargeRateModifier = 1.9 // how fast the shields charge

all odf ship files have unique values like these as well as

//Energy per shot
energyPerPulsePhaser = 0.14

If they are so equipped.

All the weapon files have been altered and balanced race by race. There are certain trends like the klingon weapons having the longest range,
federation phases being the most powerful, and romulan pulses being the fastest and plasma torpedoes being shorter ranged but strongest.

Some cool stuff I’ve done-

All tmp ships with pulse weapons use tng_scoutpulse. It’s yellow. It was in the stock game but nothing used it.

Some ships have beams were they use to have pulse and vice versa.

Made an early nx with pulse canons. I think someone did this before but mines probably different.

I got the tos and tmp apollo, akula and toslongisland(to hopefully be released later) to fire 2 beams from each bank.

All ships have allot more photons, nx has 4f,2r, yorktown has 6f,2r, klingon birds of prey have any were from 3 to 6, akiras have 15 torpedo’s on tap.

Constitution refits, centaurs, and excelsior’s fire 4 beams at once usually, don't worry its balanced.

Allot of stock ships got refits, like a tng oberth, dw ambassador, tng proxima, tng excelsior and refit, tng romulan and klingon ktingas, 
3 types of R_Dderidex(for 2336, 2358, and 2376), tos k30, tng winged defender.

allot of stuff got moved around, like the strider is now early tmp, Praetor is now late ent and gets a tos refit, death rite is now early tng, etc...

neghvar has side pulse canons, like it did in all good things, vorcha too.

Ships that have only forward pulse (like k'vort) have stronger pulse weapons than ships that have forward pulse and beam (like a D7).

most tng fed ships have saucer phasers with huge firing arks.

the elimination of shield bleed. Makes for beat up looking ships.

all romulan ships have strong shilds but weak hull, klingon ships have weak shilds but strong hulls, federation ships can go eather way.

And much more. 

Special thanks to  P$ycho for letting me use some of his modified weapons and ships from the tem mod! (miranda refit, constitution refit, phaser odfs)

I plan on releasing a director’s cut with additional custom ships released on this very site as soon as I get all the author’s approval I’m trying to get. 
Thank you to all that responded, there’s just a few more who haven't yet and I don't want to delay this release any longer. 
Then after that I will release a Borg rebalance pack too, haven’t even started that yet.


If you want to use my modifications in your mod, please e-mail me for permission. If you want to release a custom ship that is "Tom's odf project" compatible,
go ahead, but I would encourage you let me play test it first so I can give you my "expert opinion" on its balance. lolz


tomfangoriously AT gmail DOT com

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