Omega Enterprise NCC1701-E



Hey all. This is another worthy Omega starship from Justin Rumann which introduces the Enterprise-E to the Omega Collective Race. Just like his Enterprise NCC 1701 this Enterprise looks to be fully assimilated with regards to it's overall look and it's weapons array. The retexture job done on this vessel is simply beautiful and imho is better than the Enterprise NCC-1701's Omega textures. This is worth the download :cool:

Cungi's New Races Mod 2.0 is a must in order for this to work in the Omega Race, but it will perform well as a normal Sovereign Class under the Federation.



Omega Collective Ship (Borgified Ships)  for Star Trek Legacy

First off BIG THANKS to Cungi for adding the Omega Collective to his race mod, I asked if he would he did now we have a means to giving the Borg there own version of S31 or the Tal Shiar.

	This is the first of many, in an attempt to deal a psychological and emotional blow to the human race the Omega Collective went back in time and captured every version of the Enterprise that the federation made.  This is one of them, an assimilated Enterprise-E.

Now all ships will have the upped gunned phasers and torpedos no matter if they are played as Omega or Original race.  If played in original race the assimilated fed ships will have registries if you play as the Omega Race only one ship will carry the Enterprise registry.

These ships were tested on an install running CM 0.4, TEM 1.0, and the Keys of Legacy 1.1 if there are any problems please let me know at the email below.  I hope you like and have fun.  This ship along with any other Omega ships I offer can be played on a unmodded install just do not install the O_(shipname).M3D or O_(shipname).odf

To Install
-Open Zip File
	-Copy the contents of each folder into the corresponding folders in the STL file

You can modify any files you want for your liking.  All the files needed for it to work in STL are there even the icon file so you won't have the huge white box when you pick it or playing the game.

Mod Usage:

Feel free to modify and use it but if you distribute it please give me credit.

I can be reached at [email protected]

None of these files were made by Bethesda Soft and they are not responsible for any damages to your game directory.  As with all mods you are using them at your own risk.

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