P$cyho's Tactical Enhancement Mod

"To be...or not...to be?"

I say that only because I've seen some very interesting torpedoes included in this pack, namely, those from...


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"To be...or not...to be?"

I say that only because I've seen some very interesting torpedoes included in this pack, namely, those from ST: 6. In fact, looking at the pics, I think I've seen every possible torpedo under the sun. Couple that with some really kick ass (no other phrase is worthy) phaser textures, now you'll be able to fire your Constitution's phasers as seen in ST:2, you have a VERY VERY nice mod pack. Of course, it doesn't just end at the texture tweaks.

The readme contains all the added features and that's good, because it's a LONG list. New explosions, sounds, fixed the homing-torpedoes (they go straight at the enemy now), edited shield recharge system (benefits getting your shields up quicker, although at the cost of slightly lower strength) and many, MANY more. This is an example of something that doesn't even need recommending, it just needs to be downloaded and then worshipped, that is of course until a v2, if there is one.

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Download 'psych0s_tactical_enhancement_mod_v1.rar' (11.66MB)

P$YCH0's "Tactical Enhancement Mod"

Author: P$YCH0

This is just a "little" something I've been working on the past few weeks. It took me lots of time to achieve what I did.
During the creation process I've stumbled upon many problems and found ways to overcome them! 
There were many out of the game problems as well with some of more well known members of the ST community involved but that didn't stop me in the completion, no matter what they thought or did! 
I hope it was worth it. In any case thank you for downloading my first Legacy mod and enjoy! 

-New Federation photon torpedos for all eras (ENT, TOS/TMP, TNG)
-New Intrepid photon torpedo (VOY)
-New Klingon photon torpedo
-New Romulans plasma torpedo
-New Quantum torpedo
-New BORG torpedos
-New Phaser textures for ENT, TMP, TNG eras (Federation, some Klingon and some Romulan, not all have been replaced)
-New Blast Ring and explotion effect
-All TMP ships now fire correct phasors (not BLUE ones anymore)
-Constitution Refit now has it's bottom phasers functioning (canon to the show)
-Miranda Refit has it's front saucer phaser functioning (canon to the show)
-Direct photons - no more magic seeking torps
-Torpedos do more damage to the shields than before
-Shields come back online after 70% charge (100% charge was required before)
-New Dominon wars refits replace their "old" versions in TNG (Miranda R, Centaur, Excelsior, Excelsior R)
-Removed TMP ships from TNG era (Apollo R, Constitution R, Proxima R)
-New sound effects
   -TMP phasers
   -Defiant phasers
   -Klingon and Romulan Cloaking device
   -Federation Warp
   -Federation and Klingon TMP torpedos
   -Quantum torpedo
   -ENT torpedos

1. Run the installer, follow the instructions, simple as that :)
2. Some users may need to RENAME or MOVE the DB.PAK file from the main Legacy folder in order for the mod to function properly!

drh1589:     		Defiant Phaser sound
Wes Janson: 		Federation Warp in/out sounds, Quantum torpedo sound (and Nano for BC nanoFX) 			
Dkealt: 		DS9 torpedo texture - basis for the TNG one!
Durandal: 		Did my best to make the TMP torp look like his (his BC photon).
Alexraptor:		Voyager torpedo		
Lacutis: 		Shockwave texture
Gal: 			Shockwave blast scripts, Direct photons scripts
P$YCH0:			Everything else (sound editing, HP-ing, texturing, scripting, etc...)

If I have forgotten anyone please accept my appologies, it wasn't intentional, either I couldn't find a way to contact you or simply forgot :(!

Special thanx deffinately goes to the Legacy modding community, if it weren't for you guys I've never would have figured some things out, thus never would have made this mod!
Also a very special thanx goes to Zambie Zan (some might know why, some might not, but I will not explain)!!!

If you wish to use any part of this mod for any other mod or a different game please contact the authors for permission!

Star Trek, Star Fleet Command, Star Trek: Bridge Commander, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Voyager (and the various logo devices used in them) are copyright Paramount Pictures, as are the characters, related images, and sound from the productions.

Any questions/suggestions/problems... e-mail me or post on the Legacy modding forums.

e-mail: psycho063 AT gmail DOT com



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