Planetary Rings (1.0) by Kophjaeger



This is "Planetary Rings (1.0)" made by Kophjaeger. I did not make this. I downloaded this mod from FileFront many years ago before it shut down. I could not find this here or anywhere else, so I reuploaded it for others to enjoy. If this mod is already on this site, or if the author wants to reupload his/her mod here, I'll take it down. Screenshots taken by me.

I also managed to find an archived website page from the WayBackMachine if you're interested in looking back at history:


The README is the author's.



For stellar objects, we now have rings. If you dont want to place 300 asteroids arouns a planet with some mixed in nebular gas, then dont. This pack includes 5 different planetary ring formations, based on the Baku planet rings, ice rings (that look good around Uranus), Saturnian rings, Algae Planet rings and a custom set of rings. Enjoy, and hopefully we can add a new dimension to Legacy mapping.


Copy the file folders into your Star Trek Legacy directory and merge. The (Optional) folder includes a stock "e_planet.odf" for you map editor that includes the link to the planetary rings menu. If you are not using stock you will need to add the "edit_rings.odf" line to the bottom of your "e_planet.odf" menu.


I apologive for sitting on this one for almost a year now. These are completely home made, so no credits are needed. 


Distribute as you please. I only ask that you include me in your credits. Also, if anybody wants to see some new rings, please contact me, or I would be happy to send you ms3d's.


I am not distributing this mod for profit or in any relationship that would impinge upon Bethesda or Mad-Doc software. I am not responsible for any damages this mod makes to your installation, however, since this is a completely new kind of mod, there should be none.


The texture settings are set with transparency so you can see through the rings, but in some instances, this function is randomly buggy (thanks to the game's engine). If you should encounter strange shading as opposed to transparency, it will not harm anything, but let me know if your problem persists as there are some pseudo remedies.

Any comments questions or concerns please contact me at [email protected].

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