Porting Tutorial by gdata



Excellent! some tutorials are heading our way after last week's poll and this is the first to arrive in. :rock: This is gdata's porting tutorial. This tutorial is an 8 page guide on how to port ships from Star Trek Bridge Commander to Legacy. It is a very good guide on how to go about porting vessels from BC with links to where you can download the tools to achieve this . It's great to see modders helping out others.. Hopefully now people who are not in the know when it comes to modding can get a grasp of how to start.

All tutorials are welcome, in fact I am currently half way through a very comprehensive texture tutorial (I'm on page 24 of it already, with many pages to go). ;)

Million thanks to gdata for providing this tutorial, it will help some if not alot of you out!

good luck porting!




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