Romulan Bird Of Prey

Here is a brand new model built from scratch from Phoenix who is part of the CJG team, this is a brand new Romulan Bird of Prey.



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Here is a brand new model built from scratch from Phoenix who is part of the CJG team, this is a brand new Romulan Bird of Prey.

Starship Background: The Romulan BOP from the TOS Era, a mixture between the Classic and remastered, this is my first ever ship from scratch that hasnt ended in a night of pure hatered. there is a secret feture of this ship your'll just have to play with to find out, and also animated bussards and exploding nacell's *if u dont have the patchs installed*

This is impressive. The model is good quality and the texturing is befitting of the Bird of Prey first seen in Balance of Terror. The Animated bussards are a nifty touch that really make this ship look fantastic ingame.. It has damage chunks for the nacelles so if you've got the unpatched version the nacelles will explode :) I played around with it to but I couldn't find the secret, maybe I did but didn't spot it.

In comparison to the stock model it's wings are smaller and the ship has a general all round compact feel to it. This ship is also more akin to the color of the Romulan bird of Prey that we seen in TOS, in fact I would say it is way more cannon than the stock Legacy one. Also the animated bussards are a great improvement - you will notice with the stock BoP that the animation on the bussards can be a bit messed up but these ones are solid.

All in all, a great ship..


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Download 'romulan_bird_of_prey.rar' (5.21MB)

Title			: Romulan Bird Of Prey
Date			: 6th September 2008
Current Mod Teams	: Chris Jones Gaming & The Werx Shop

Quick Summery
Thank you for downloading this model, this is my First model from scratch including Textures. This Romulan bird of prey feature's Animated bussards, Exploading Nacels and all the other features your'd expect to see on a legacy model and a little hidden extra - Let's see if you can spot it

Once again, Thanks for downloading one of my ships
"Tim Bondi"

Textures         	        : Phoenix
Mesh				: Phoenix			
HardPoints			: Phoenix
Bump's & Specs			: Phoenix
Secret Extra 			: Chris Jones

Technical Details
Tested with Legacy stock
Ultimate Universe 1.0

Known Bugs
Once Decloked Bussards are no longer animated
But once repaired at space dock it's then animated once more

Install instructions

1 - Unzip this pack into a temp directory

2 – Copy the folders (M3D, odf, Textures) into your Legacy folder. Click yes, when prompted to overwrite the files.

Thanks, Aknowledgements and Other Credits
Firstly i would like to thank 3 friends from the bridge commander comunity for all the help they've given me

Chief Brex - For all his lessions & help and Support re-learnging how to use 3d-studio max

Lint - For Spending Many hours with me going into detail about diffrent Methods of modeling

Blaxxor - for all his Photo Shop tip's to make my textures look just that much better

Last but not Least
Chris Jones of the CJG Network - Chris if it wasnt for you i dont know where i would be now, i most sertainly wouldnt have any of the skill or admiration i have now, 

Thanks guys it means alot to me

Conditons of Use 
Please do not Port, Edit or Re-distribute without Authors prior permission,
Copyright notices: 
Star Trek, Legacy, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Voyager 
are copyright Paramount Pictures, as are the characters, related images, and sound from the productions.

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