Roswell Class (Galaxy Armoured Variant)

Acidfluxxbass introduces the next Federation vessel to be brought back to drydcok and refitted with prototype armour, and boy does th...


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Acidfluxxbass introduces the next Federation vessel to be brought back to drydcok and refitted with prototype armour, and boy does this look good. The retexturing is pretty nifty - with the bump, specs and alpha channel changed to make the armour as smooth and as realistic as possible. The armour replacement is around the main saucer section, and replaced over the topside of the main engineering hull (the spine of the ship). I like the fact that the armour doesn't cover all of the ship which kinda has some reasoning behind it when you think of the time and cost it would take to fully refit a ship like the Galaxy in prototype armour. The curved lines on the armour (signifying the armour-plate bridging) is classy, it gives it a much more realistic feel to the whole armour.

The only main gripe I have is the remaining stock deflector dish, which is not acid's fault but it would look much better if the deflector was changed to complement the armour. Also the new armour makes the nacelle's feel a bit naked, maybe they should have had some armour too, though the bussard collectors armour kinda makes up for that :)

Ship Background: 13 Years since Voyager had returned to Sector 001 and the federationa are developing the new armourment technology. They decide to test a version on some old Galaxy class starships. This, here, is the result with drastically improved hull and stronger weapons. This is not so much a god ship but a representation of prototype armor. The new ship is called the Roswell Class.

Overall it is a fantastic looking vessel, the screens don't justify it's classy look and it's interesting feel to it. I recommend trying it out.


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Download '' (2.76MB)

 Roswell Class (Galaxy Variant)
This mod will not overwrite any files. It is a series of files that when put in their respective folders, will make the ship playable as well as the stock Galaxy.

to see some demos:

Copy files from folders to Legacy.

Copy all *.dds in folder to: Legacy>Textures>DDS*
Copy all *.m3d files in folder to: Legacy>m3d
Copy all *.odf ships in folder to: Legacy>odf>ships

The mod has been tested successfully on stock, trek battles and ultimate universe. The mod will work on some modes on aftermath.

delete/rename the file db.pak in your game directory, unless you have Trek Battles/UUmod 

The retexture was done by myself (acidfluxxbass) using a stock Galaxy class starship. 

I would like to thanks IKS Yo Mama for his help and input in the production of this retexture.

The file can be used by all and is a free resource. Enjoy!

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