This is the second Raven Class ship the S.S.Crow. The Raven type starships are small, modular long-range Federation science vessels used bo...


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This is the second Raven Class ship the S.S.Crow. The Raven type starships are small, modular long-range Federation science vessels used both by Starfleet and non-Starfleet organizations. They bear a mild resemblance to Danube-class runabouts. They are designed to be operated by a minimum crew. It is lightly armed with 4 pulse phaser cannons for defense.


Introducing to you the S.S. Crow, brought to you by wilv, a port from bridge commander (originally by cliperkins). This is a raven class research ship seen in the Voyager Episode Dark Frontier (season 5 episodes 15 and 16). As said in the above description this ship is lightly armed, having only pulse phasers on the bow, even so it costs a whopping 19500 command points, possibly a bit too much, but in comparison to the Danube-class runabout firepower isnt something you would need to worry about, so going up against similarly sized vessels like the nova may not be a problem.

Texturing on the ship is nice and simple, although possibly lacking in few areas, such more detailed bumps. But please dont let that detract from the fact that this is a great ship to have in your inventory. I can forsee a few USS Raven Recreations (observing the borg) coming our way. Just be warned, if you try to recreate such a scene, make sure the cube is on the same side as you, or you wont be around long enough to press the print screen button. ;)

Saying that the shields on this ship regenerate fairly quickly, and the vessel also does not lack in maveuverability, making it possible for you to run round a larger ships firing arc without getting hit that often.

An awesome addon.


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Download 'sscrow.zip' (1.28MB)

SS Crow by wilv

Nickname: wilv

Email: funkidseventynineataoldotcom


This is merely a port of cliperkins' Raven found here ( http://bridgecommander.filefront.com/file/SS_RAVEN_NAR32450_model_only;89122 ). All I did was port it, change the name and give it and odf. The ship also has simple damage meshes and lights.


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For Modders: 

In the spirit of sharing like the original creator of the model did, I am also providing the MS3D file I made for this so that if anyone wants to improve or alter it they may do so.

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