Saving and Loading Enabled

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Turns out a lot of people have been having problems saving and loading...well not anymore! Nope, 0mega has now enabled saving and loading in Legacy, without interfering with multiplayer, meaning you can save away to your hearts content on campaign mode and still beat the living bulkheads out of the enemy ship, nice or what eh? Recommended: Definitely!

*Well done to 0mega for contributing the first mod to the site, woohoo!*




<Installation instructions!>

Browse to youre legacy folder, and drop the 2 included files into the folder and over write :) its MP compatible, so no worries :)


f9th0mega - 36 hours and saved games enabled? woot?
some guy on MP - proving its MP compatible :P
MadDoc - for leaving it in lmfao

<BUGS :( >
none, other than the fact the Save button is off the menu panel :P

<USE! :D >

for saving games, it will save oyur ingame progress, pause the game, and navigate to the ingame options menu, and move down to the <save> button (below the panel, so might be hard to see :P)

to load, go to the campaign menu, and hit load, then select the file you want to play :) (will allow you to load the autosave as well :)

save files are time and date stamped for reference, and located in my document/STLsave

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