Section 31 Ships Pack

Here is an update for Ganondorf2002's Section 31 ship pack. This update has 6 more ships on top of the original 17 and some nicely done rem...


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Here is an update for Ganondorf2002's Section 31 ship pack. This update has 6 more ships on top of the original 17 and some nicely done remodifications to the weapons sprites.

Ganondorf2002 presents to us his Section 31 Ships Pack. This pack includes seventeen different ships from all three eras in Legacy.

Here is my interpretation of Section 31. There are a total of 17 ships spanning all three eras. These ships were made using some non traditional colors making them unique compared to other section 31 ships that are available. The stats of the ships and weapons have been modified. However for this version I have used all stock weapons. This should add some excitment for fighting against the Federation, Romulans, or anyone else you want to destroy. I hope that everyone enjoys playing this mod.

The use of different colors really make these ships stand out (as you can see in the screenshots). Kind of like a poisonous frog, bright colors mean "Do Not Touch Me!". These ships have had their weapons and shields upgraded, so these do pack a punch! Download now to pound all the other races with this "Top Secret Organization" ship pack!


Note : This ship pack requires the New Races Mod v3.3 to play under the Section 31 race.

Great work Ganondorf!!! apologies for the mix-up :) :thumbsup:


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Download 'public_version_completed_files_1.1.rar' (43.75MB)

Section 31 Mod 1.1

Nickname:	Ganondorf2002
email:		bgaines1 at cox dot net

		Here is my interpretation of Section 31.  This Version includes everything from the 1.0 version.
		But I've added several new ships plus redone the phasers sprites for all three eras.  


		Copy the files into the corosponding folders in Legacy.  Remember to remove
		the db. pak prior to playing.  


		Cungi's new race mod 3.3 is required if you want to play these in the Section 31
		race.  But if you want to use them in the federation just change the race name in 
		the odf file from "section31" to "federation".  None of these files will overwrite 
		any existing files, and this is compatible with the UU mod.


		If you want to use any of this mod for your own mod to be released please
		contact me prior to using for permission.  Also you will need to contact the original
		artists for their permission.  All files were hexedited, recolored, and modified by Ganondorf.
		Here are some others I would like to say thanks and give credit to for the work they done
		on the originals of these ships.

		Modeller: LC admaral
		Textures: LC admaral
		texture modifications: Max Loef
		Port: Max loef
		Modeller: Max Loef
		Orignal NX base model: Ignis
		Textures: Ignis
		texture modifications: Max Loef

		Modeller: Max Loef
		Orignal Neptune model: Major Payne
		Textures: Major Payne
		texture modifications: Max Loef
		Original Model: Ignis
		Original Textures: Ignis
		RegistryFree/Modified/Logo Textures: Maxloef
		Damage Mesh/Logo Mesh: Maxloef
		Port: Maxloef
		Devil Ray and Devil Ray Refit
		Model - New Gen Mod Team (Tip Top)
		Textures - New Gen Mod Team (Tip Top)
		Bussards - Genty (TOS Bussard Collector Pack 2)

		Legacy Port: gdata
		Model: p81
		Textures: p81

		Model - New Gen Mod Team (TipTop)
		Textures - New Gen Mod Team (TipTop)

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