Spider-Man's Sovereign



Here we have another rather interesting mod which modifies the Sovereign Class within Legacy. The author has modified the textures of the Sovereign Class to give it a Spider-man 3 look. This is perfect for you if you downloaded the Venom Galaxy that was recently added. Again, in my opinion, this looks pretty darn cool and is something i am going to be using.

However, this ship has an above average shield rating and hull rating. Installation instructions can be found in the readme. Please report all bugs on the forum please.

- Gav



************ Spider-Man's Sovereign by: EvilMark **************
As promised, here is a Spider-Man Sovereign to compliment my
Venom style Galaxy.  As you can see, this ship is a bit more
colorful than it's Venom counterpart.  In contrast to the Venom
ship, this ship has an average hull rating with above average 
shields and propulsion.

Credit  must be given to Sovereign001 for his outstanding 
retexture of the Sovereign which I used as a base. 

To install simply place all files in the appropriate directories

As before, this will not overwright the existing Sovereign.

E-Mail: [email protected]

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